Presenter Profile – Marianne Gausche-Hill

Marianne was our very first registrant for DevelopingEM 2014 and was an enthusiastic and very appreciated presenter at our last venture in Havana.

She joins us from UCLA where she is the director of EMS and Paediatric EM fellowships.

She is a multiply awarded educationalist and is acknowledged as one of the leaders in paediatric EM worldwide.

Amongst her many achievements Marianne was named a Hero of Emergency Medicine by ACEP and we know she will bring a dynamic zeal to her involvement in DevelopingEM 2014.

Join Marianne and us in Salvador by registering now and stay tuned for more presenter profiles.

Emergency Medicine in Brazil

In our recent newsletter we focussed on the excellence of our upcoming program.

One of its core features will be delivered by our Brazilian colleagues and will focus on where Emergency Medicine in Brazil has come from and where it is headed.

As well as examining the past and future of the specialty in Brazil, there will be an explanation of some of the processes in Emergency Medicine training and also a description of a recent mass casualty situation- the Santa Maria nightclub fire.

Our Brazilian presenters are the cornerstones of the specialty in Brazil and include Ana Paula Freitas who heads the innovative EM training program in Porto Alegre and Fred Arnaud from Fortaleza who is a previous president of the Brazilian Association of Emergency Medicine (ABRAMEDE).

As for all our core sessions we will have UN style translation during this part of the program. Our Brazilian colleagues are as excited as we are to interact and discuss the challenges we all face in emergency medicine so make sure you come and support their efforts in hosting this session.

Another great reason to come to DevelopingEM 2014.

Register now and join us all in Salvador.

Looking back, looking forward – DEM Presentations from 2012 & 2013

Central to the ethos of DevelopingEM has always been the excellence of the program. This year we think we have our best program ever with the format and content influenced by the feedback of previous delegates. You can see what’s in store for you if you come to Salvador by reviewing the previous presentations which are available on our website.

Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment – Emergency Medicine Conference 2014

GDAY DevelopingEMers
One of the new components of the program this year will be the addition of a Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment session.
This session focussing on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Literature Review will conclude our track 1 sessions on Thursday 11 September.
The session will be conducted by Luis Lovato who is the Director of Critical Care at the Department of Emergency Medicine Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.
Luis is a LLSA specialist and has a monthly column in Emergency Medicine News entitled “Living with the LLSA” providing comprehensive reviews of required reading for members of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.
DevelopingEM is excited about the addition of an LLSA session and are very thankful for the involvement and expertise of Luis.
Stay tuned for more details of the best program DevelopingEM has ever put together.
See you in Salvador soon.

Critical Travel Tips for Brazil 2014

Ok so we know you’re deep in the preparation stages for your upcoming trip to Brazil to join us for DevelopingEM 2014.
We’d just like to remind you of a couple of critical travel tips.
Delegates coming from Australia, the USA and Canada will require a tourist visa and the turnaround time for the processing of this document is around 3 weeks. Each country has their own automated web based process for visa application.
Here is a link for those situated in NSW, NT and QLD
and an example of US link is this site in Houston
Each jurisdiction will have their own website.
Delegates coming from New Zealand, Europe and Central and Southern America do not require a tourist visa.
Please check the situation for your own country of origin.
Yellow Fever Vaccination
For a number of countries including Australia there is a requirement of re-entry that documentary evidence of yellow fever vaccination be provided.
Please also check our travel advisory page for more information


It’s a packed social program for DevelopingEM 2014

Apart from taking in the amazing atmosphere of Brazil in the middle of the World Cup, Lee, Mark and Scott Cameron managed to find two incredible venues for our social functions for DevelopingEM 2014.
Scott is an emergency physician from Whangarei in New Zealand. Scott has a major Brazilian connection spending his formative high school years in Sao Paulo.
He’s been a crucial part of our organisational team for DevelopingEM 2014. During our week in Salvador in June Scott was critical to securing two amazing venues for the DevelopingEM 2014 Social Functions.
Our welcome reception on Monday 8th of September will be held in the gorgeous Pestano Convento do Carmo. This 16th century carmelite convent is a beautiful venue in the heart of the Historic Centre of Salvador (The Pelourinho) which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
With stunning architecture combined with period furniture and works of art we’re sure you will be blown away by the beauty of the venue.
Full registration ensures your attendance at this event.
Our conference dinner will be held at quite a different but very impressive venue, the Yacht Clube da Bahia. This suave waterfront restaurant, with its own mini Elevator Lacerda, is a truly beautiful venue. Overlooking the Bay of All Saints the restaurant gives you the feeling of being aboard a luxury liner. In contrast to the 16th century Convent the environment of the yacht club follows a contemporary style and the view of the Bay is the most generous possible.
Once again full registration ensures your attendance at our conference dinner.


DevelopingEM 2014 Faculty

GDay DevelopingEMers

Well we’ve told you a little about some of the components of our program headed by an amazing dynamic group of program leads.

Now for our amazing faculty.

Over the last two years we have had some incredible presenters and this year is no exception.

We have a number of presenters rejoining us from Havana including John MacKenzie, Joe Lex, Peter Viccellio, Marianne Gausche, and Camilo Gutierrez.

Joining this incredible group will be a truly fantastic cohort including some leading lights in their fields including Billy Mallon and Mary McCaskill as well as some incredible personalities from the field of Emergency Medicine in Brazil and around the world.

Come to Salvador and get some incredible education from this amazing group at DevelopingEM 2014.

DevelopingEM 2014 Faculty
Frederico Carlos De Sousa Arnaud (BRA)
Colin Banks (AUS)
Sue Beno (USA)
Jessica Best (USA)
Luis Alexandre Borges (BRA)
Anne Creaton (AUS / FIJI)
Anthony Crocco (CAN)
Carlos Fernando Dornelles (BRA)
Steffan Eriksson (AUS)
Sanj Fernando (AUS)
Ana Paula Da Rocha Freitas (BRA)
Pablo Fuenzalida (CHILE)
Marianne Gausche (USA)
Camilo Gutierrez (USA)
Jon Kerr (USA)
Charisse Kwan (CAN)
Joe Lex (USA)
Luis Lovato (USA)
John MacKenzie (AUS)
Mary McCaskill (AUS)
Fergal McCourt (AUS)
Billy Mallon (USA)
Regan Marsh (USA / HAITI)
Khaled Menapal (HOL / AFG)
Ravi Morchi (USA)
Michael Mullins (USA)
Oscar Navea (CHILE)
Rodrigo Brandao Neto (BRA)
Marcela Preto-Zamperlini (CAN)
Aurelio Rodriguez (CUB)
Paolo Silveira (BRA)
Paolo Sampaio (BRA)
Todd Slesinger (USA)
Carlos Trotta (ARG)
Joachim Unger (GER)
Peter Viccellio (USA)
Steve Wall (USA)
Janna Welch (USA)
David Wallace (USA)
Brian Wright (USA)

Tracy Catlin (USA)
Marcos Coelho (BRA)
Matt Dawson (USA)
Camilo Gutierrez (USA)
Saundra Jackson (USA)
Charisse Kwan (CAN)
Mike Mallin (USA)
Jorge Otero (USA)
Marcela Preto Zamperlini (CAN)
Gabriela Santos (USA / VEN)

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Global Health

DevelopingEM has, from the very first, had a focus on emergency medicine and critical care around the globe.

And from the beginning we’ve been helped by Natalie Thurtle.

Nat is an emergency medicine trainee currently based in Townsville in Far North Queensland. She has spent a considerable amount of time working with Medicins Sans Frontieres and at our 2012 Sydney Conference gave a fantastic presentation on her involvement in the management of the Zamfara lead poisoning disaster in Northern Nigeria.

In 2013 we expanded the Global Health presentations to an entire session. Speakers from around the globe outlined some of their experiences taking emergency medicine and criticalcare around the world. Nat once again gave a great presentation on her stay in Botswana.

This year Nat is the program lead for this expanded part of the academic schedule. In response to feedback we’ve brought the session to an earlier position in the program and the number of presentations has also increased. Nat has gathered an amazing group of physicians to discuss their experiences around the globe, from Papua New Guinea to Afghanistan and Guatemala to Fiji.

Join us in Salvador, Brazil to hear Nat’s team give some truly inspirational presentations.

Sponsorship Options to Assist with DevelopingEM 2014

GDay DevelopingEMers

One of the core principles of DevelopingEM which was demonstrated to great effect in Havana is our commitment to assisting our colleagues in the host country of our conference.

As you know local delegates have their attendance sponsored by the attendance of international delegates.

In Cuba your registrations supported the attendance of over 70 regional delegates.

In a similar fashion Brazilian and regional delegates will have their registration costs and, where possible, their travel and accommodation expenses supported by DevelopingEM which in effect is all of you.

In addition to your registration fees being redistributed in this manner you also have the option during the registration process to choose a number of different specific sponsorship options.

As well as being able to specifically sponsor the attendance of regional delegates you are also able to donate to the cost of the provision of accommodation for sponsored delegates, as well as attendance at the social functions.

In Cuba DevelopingEM also provided a number electronic resources, including computer workstations preloaded with critical care educational material and USB data storage devices.

Given the popularity of these donations we have decided to repeat the effort in Brazil by providing 1 TB Hard drives preloaded with educational material donated by our friends at the Ultrasound Podcast, the Intensive Care Network, Joe Lex and the Emergency Care Institute’s John MacKenzie, amongst others.

These devices will be distributed to critical care facilities around the region.


In addition we will also be giving each sponsored delegate their own USB storage device.

DevelopingEM 2014 Adult EM and Critical Care program

One of our standards with DevelopingEM has been a focus on Adult Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

Over the last two years we’ve had some amazing presentations by some incredible presenters.

Following some positive feedback from our delegates we’ve quarantined two sessions for this topic.

Our session lead Brian Wright has collected together a group of fantastic presenters to put together a program that I think is our best ever.

Brian is an attending physician at the Stony Brook University Hospital where he is also a clinical assistant professor.

He has received several teaching and educational awards and as well as delivering one of our most appreciated lecture topics, ED:ICU Bridging the Gap, he has also brought together a truly incredible group of educators for the Adult EM and Critical Care track.

A number of our previous faculty including Joe Lex, Peter Viccellio and John MacKenzie will be joined by David Wallace, Billy Mallon, Todd Slesinger, Oscar Navea, Janna Welch, Jo Unger and Jon Kerr to deliver an unsurpassed program for you.

What a way to kick off DevelopingEM 2014 Brazil!

Register now to make sure you have a front row seat. We will have more news soon on the amazing program.