Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Global Health

DevelopingEM has, from the very first, had a focus on emergency medicine and critical care around the globe.

And from the beginning we’ve been helped by Natalie Thurtle.

Nat is an emergency medicine trainee currently based in Townsville in Far North Queensland. She has spent a considerable amount of time working with Medicins Sans Frontieres and at our 2012 Sydney Conference gave a fantastic presentation on her involvement in the management of the Zamfara lead poisoning disaster in Northern Nigeria.

In 2013 we expanded the Global Health presentations to an entire session. Speakers from around the globe outlined some of their experiences taking emergency medicine and criticalcare around the world. Nat once again gave a great presentation on her stay in Botswana.

This year Nat is the program lead for this expanded part of the academic schedule. In response to feedback we’ve brought the session to an earlier position in the program and the number of presentations has also increased. Nat has gathered an amazing group of physicians to discuss their experiences around the globe, from Papua New Guinea to Afghanistan and Guatemala to Fiji.

Join us in Salvador, Brazil to hear Nat’s team give some truly inspirational presentations.

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