Havana, Cuba 2015

DevelopingEM 2015

DevelopingEM 2015 was held in unbelievable Havana, Cuba between September 13th and 17th.

The program was unbelievable with another incredible multinational faculty giving us a quality week of emergency medicine and critical care education.

Along with our usual topics of adult EM and critical care, paediatrics and trauma, there was also inspirational sessions on EM in Cuba and the Caribbean.

This year we had a range of fantastic workshops.

Matt and Mike from Ultrasound Podcast ran a 2 day ultrasound workshop, with another incredible team of demonstrators.

Jane Brice and the NAEMSP team joined with us to host an EMS Medical Direction Course.

Luis Lovato returned to run a LLSA session and Scott Weingart and the team from ED:ECMO hosted a discussion on Resource Light Cardiac Arrest Management.

Also for the first time this year we had two site visits to a Havana ED and the SIUM Ambulance Coordination Centre.

The majority of the program again had UN style two way translation between English and Spanish.

The DevelopingEM 2015 brochure and DevelopingEM 2015 Poster  further explain the specifics of the program.

The conference also aimed to provide a unique experience for local Cuban and regional delegates.

Proceeds from the registration of international delegates allowed for the attendance of 70 regional delegates.

These delegates came from all over Cuba as well as from around the Caribbean, Central and South America.

This sponsorship gave these delegates the opportunity to attend the conference and participate in the specialised workshops.

Proceeds from registration and sponsorship helped DevelopingEM to purchase a diagnostic ultrasound machine for the Mirabelais Hospital in Haiti.

The feedback was universally positive and apart from everything else we had a really enjoyable time with our wonderful regional colleagues who were inspirational.

Presentations from DevelopingEM 2015