Salvador, Brazil 2014 (2022)

DevelopingEM 2014

DevelopingEM 2014 was held in the incredible colonial capital of Brazil, Salvador da Bahia between September 8th and 14th.

The program was our best ever with an incredible multinational faculty giving us a quality week of emergency medicine and critical care education.

Along with our usual topics of adult EM and critical care, paediatrics and trauma, there was also inspirational sessions on EM around the globe as well from our Brazilian colleagues on the state of play within the host country.

Matt and Mike from Ultrasound Podcast ran a fantastic 2 day ultrasound workshop, with an incredible team of demonstrators.

Luis Lovato ran our first LLSA session and we also had a novel Communication and De-Escalation workshop.

One of the highlights was the demonstration of a new immersive simulation tool, The Cut Suit, with a full resus and trauma laparotomy performed on stage- messy but awesome!

The majority of the program again had UN style two way translation between English and Portuguese.

The conference also aimed to provide a unique experience for local Brazilian and regional delegates.

Proceeds from the registration of international delegates allowed for the attendance of 46 regional delegates.

These delegates came from all over Brazil as well as Chile and Argentina.

This sponsorship gave these delegates the opportunity to attend the conference and participate in the specialised workshops.

Proceeds from registration helped DevelopingEM to purchase four hard computer hard drives pre-loaded hundreds of hours of audio and video lectures, podcasts, and presentations related to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

The feedback was universally positive and apart from everything else we had a really enjoyable time with our wonderful Brazilian colleagues who were inspirational.

The attendant Chileans were very keen for DevelopingEM to proceed in their direction in the future so perhaps we will be looking at Santiago in 2017 or 2018.

Conference resource downloads:

Presentations from DevelopingEM 2014
DevelopingEM 2014 brochure 
DevelopingEM 2014 Poster 

2014 Faculty


  • Rodrigo Neto
  • Camilo Gutierrez
  • Suzanne Beno
  • Charisse Kwan
  • Marcela Preto-Zamperlini
  • Janna Welch
  • Paulo Silveira
  • Jessica Best
  • Matt Dawson
  • Mike Mallin
  • Gabriela Santos
  • Marcos Coelho
  • Saundra jackson
  • David Wallace
  • John Mackenzie
  • Brian Wright
  • Todd Slesinger
  • Oscar Navea
  • Ravi Morchi
  • Colin Banks
  • Carlos Trotta
  • Regan Marsh
  • Khaled Menapal
  • Michael Mullins
  • Steve Wall
  • Joachim Unger
  • Janna Welch
  • Billy Mallon
  • John Kerr
  • Joe Lex
  • Peter Viccellio
  • Ana Paula Freitas
  • Frederico Arnaud
  • Carlos Dornelles
  • Luis Alexandre Borges
  • Anne Creaton
  • Aurelio Rodriguez
  • Luis Lovato
  • Steffan Eriksson
  • Sanj Fernando
  • Fergal McCourt
  • Mary McCaskil
  • Chris Denny
  • Tracy Catlin
  • Anthony Crocco
  • Marianne Gausche
  • Pablo Aguilera Fuenzalida

Brazilian Liaison Team

  • Dr Ana Paula Freitis
  • Dr Frederico Arnaud
  • Dr Christina Bloem
  • Dr Scott Cameron
  • Dr Terry Mulligan
  • Dr Ross Tanenbaum

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