Natadola Bay, Fiji 2018 (2022)

Fiji Conference Poster

DevelopingEM 2018

DevelopingEM was held between Dec 1 and 6, 2018 at the Intercontinental Resort, Natadola Bay, Fiji.

The conference included the attendance of emergency practitioner delegates from 20 different countries.

It was extremely well received with 75 local Fijian and 16 regional Pacific practitioners attending as well as nearly 190 other delegates from around the globe

95% of income came from international delegate registration fees and the breakdown of distribution of these fees is as follows.

For a full delegate paying $AUD1700

  • $AUD887 went towards venue costs and I’m sure you will agree that the Intercontinental was a magnificent Fijian setting for a Pacific conference
  • $AUD338 went to administrative costs including outsourced event management, insurance, legals, college fees and merchandise (there is no payment to the medical management team)
  • $AUD117 went towards planning meetings both in Australia and Fiji
  • $AUSD43 went towards marketing
  • $AUD15 went towards IT support
  • Most importantly $AUD300 went to supported attendance of regional and local delegates at the conference and workshops

This local delegate support was offset by a small local registration fee for the 75 Fijian attendees, however the 12 regional delegates supported attended free of any charge. (2 regional delegates were supported by Aspen Health and 2 by the ACEM Foundation).

The Pacific Community (SPC) organisation very substantially contributed to Regional Delegate support.

All of the Fijian and 12 of the regional delegates received $AUD100 per day of attendance to assist with travel and accommodation to the conference.

All the regional delegates had flights provided by the combined efforts of DEM, SPC, ACEM and Aspen, with SPC contributing further subsidies to 10 of the regional delegates.

This support allowed 71 attendances at various workshops by local and regional colleagues, with many attending more than one workshop.

Many ongoing relationships were forged during the conference and we hope this results, as previously, in multiple future projects being generated as a result of the conference.

A much commented upon aspect of the conference was the fun and friendliness of our host region in general and the warmth and inspiration generated by the attending regional Pacific clinicians. We will be overwhelmingly grateful to our Fijian and regional partners for making DevelopingEM 2018 Fiji a wonderful event.


2018 Faculty

Organising Committee

  • Lee Fineberg
  • Mark Newcombe
  • Sanj Fernando
  • Georgina Phillips
  • Anne Creaton
  • Peter Cameron
  • Gerard O’Reilly
  • Mafa Vakamocea
  • Mamatuki Sosefo
  • Shivani Shallin
  • Berlin Kafoa
  • Mavis Taoi
  • Ann-Maree Guirguis
  • Jessica Hocking


  • Aditi Joshi
  • Alan Biribo (FIJI)
  • Alan Giles (AUS)
  • Aloima Taufilo (TUVALU)
  • Amit Sewak (FIJI)
  • Amy Feng
  • Amy Neilson (AUS)
  • Andrew Underhill
  • Anna-Lisa Hernan
  • Angelo Abeywickrema (AUS)
  • April Kam (CAN)
  • Arveen Maharaj (FIJI)
  • Belinda Kennedy
  • Ben Shepherd (AUS)
  • Biswadev Mitra
  • Brian Wright (USA)
  • Bruce Corke
  • Chidinma Nwakanma
  • David Symmons (AUS)
  • David Wallace (USA)
  • Debra Stoner
  • Deepak Sharma
  • Donovan Dwyer (AUS)
  • Farina Ali
  • Hannah Juhrmann
  • Jacob Avila (USA)
  • Jane Brice (USA)
  • Jeremiah Escajeda
  • Joelle Donofrio (USA)
  • John Mackenzie (AUS)
  • Jon Kerr (USA)
  • Jon Kneib
  • Jordan Brunswick
  • Julie Gawthorne
  • Justine Branch
  • Kate Curtis (AUS)
  • Kathryn Eisman (AUS)
  • Lavinesh Raj (FIJI)
  • Lemeki Lenoa (FIJI)
  • Lindsay Reardon (USA)
  • Lisa Charles (ST LUCIA)
  • Marcus Coelho (BRAZIL)Matamoana Tupou (TONGA)
  • Matt Dawson (USA)
  • Marie Baldisseri
  • Mary Langcake (AUS)
  • Megan Cox (AUS)
  • Megan Greig
  • Mike Mallin (USA)
  • Natalie Thurtle (AUS)
  • Nick Taylor (AUS)
  • Niki Mastello
  • Pavlo Kolovos
  • Poonam Desai (USA)
  • Paul Middleton (AUS)
  • Ravneil Singh (FIJI)
  • Ryan Snaith
  • Sandra Hungerford
  • Scotty Kandelyo (PNG)
  • Shanisitka Shivalni
  • Suzanne Beno (CAN)
  • Taneal Wiseman
  • Tania Prinicipi
  • Tanya Solano (CAN)
  • Terren Trott (USA)
  • Tomas Villen (SPAIN)
  • Trina Sale (SOLOMON ISLANDS)