Sydney, Australia 2012 (2022)

DevelopingEM 2012

This conference was the first DevelopingEM venture and was held in Sydney, Australia between May 1st and 5th 2012. It included presentations, workshops, practical activities and social activities.

Topics covered included adult emergency medicine and critical care, paediatrics, trauma medicine, ultrasonography, and disaster medicine.

A particular highlight of DevelopingEM 2012 was the range of practical activities.

These included an introduction to the helicopter as a medical platform with an opportunity to experience static winching and helicopter flights over Sydney, an introduction to wilderness rescue with a canyoning and abseiling experience in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, and a surf survival experience hosted by the team from Bondi Rescue.

The faculty included specialists from 6 countries from the fields of emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, prehospital and retrieval medicine, trauma surgery, paediatrics and haematology.

The conference attracted over 150 delegates, was well received based on feedback forms as well as overwhelming positive verbal feedback.

Importantly the conference was also a financial success with incomings covering setup costs and allowing for the groundwork to be laid for DevelopingEM 2013.

Conference resource downloads:

Presentations from DevelopingEM 2012
DevelopingEM 2012 poster
DevelopingEM 2012 brochure 

Faculty 2012

Academic Faculty

  • Professor Peter Cameron
  • Professor Robert Suter
  • Professor Richard Morris
  • Kim Cartwright
  • Derek Glenn
  • Peter Smith
  • Peter Grant
  • Andrew Bezzina
  • Ed Oakley
  • Andrew Haig
  • Nick Piggott
  • Stewart Birt
  • Fran Lockie
  • Donovan Dwyer
  • Neil Ballard
  • Ricardo Hamilton
  • Anthony Lewis
  • Kent Robinson
  • Lewis Macken
  • John Mackenzie
  • Matthew Bragg

Ultrasound Faculty

  • Peter Smith
  • Andrew Haig
  • Matt Bragg
  • Fiona Sarode
  • Steve Korbel
  • Steve Asha

Disaster Medicine Faculty

  • Gary Tall
  • Alex Tzannes
  • Kent Robinson
  • Michael Novy

Wilderness Medicine Faculty

  • Bill Proctor
  • Steve Lobley
  • Wayne Cannon
  • Rod Wheatley