DevelopingEM 2016 Sri Lanka

Announcing new dates for DevelopingEM 2016….. Sri Lanka ‘An Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Conference with a Conscience’ We are delighted to confirm the new dates for ‘DevelopingEm 2016’, with an exciting new location and truly unique venue. Our annual…



Once again DevelopingEM will have accreditation with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM). We also have the support of the Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM) and the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM). For our delegates from the…

About Developing EM

DevelopingEM is a new direction in medical education, combining cutting edge training in critical care medicine, with a focus on providing a meaningful contribution to medical professionals in developing regions through an inclusive and philanthropic approach. DevelopingEM is a not for…

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Connecting in Colombo

One of the best things about DevelopingEM over the years has been the relationships that have been forged between like minded individuals from around the globe. These interactions have fostered medical collaborations that are ongoing to this day. Often it…


Finally we now know what DasSMACC has in store! Here are some inside tips that we have received from the SMACC organising committee that will help you prepare for the ticket release which is scheduled for Wednesday 8.00 am 26th October (Sydney…


An Emergency Medicine Conference with a Conscience

DevelopingEM, Colombo, Sri Lanka between the 5th and the 8th December, 2016

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