A Conference with a Conscience

Developing EM was established in 2012 as a not-for-profit organisation that provides a practical clinical approach to the delivery of emergency medicine and critical care education. Conferences are aimed at senior practitioners in the fields of; emergency medicine, intensive and critical care, anaesthetics, pre-hospital and retrieval medicines.

Developing EM adopted a humanitarian mission to the organisation during its second conference hosted in Havana, Cuba; to provide quality education and training to medically under-served regions of the developing world.

Since then, they have held conferences and supported development of emergency and critical care medicine in Cuba, Brazil, Sri Lanka and in 2018 Fiji.

The model of philanthropy used, in collaboration with their not-for-profit approach, is to sponsor local practitioners from the region to attend the conference, with a ratio of one sponsored delegate for every two paid registrants. In addition to this Developing EM also organises and facilitates additional outreach programs and workshops in the local regions.

“Developing EM has effectively inspired an entire generation of emergency physicians in Sri Lanka and the ripple effects will be here for decades to come.”

Nilantha Lenora – Developing EM Conference Sri Lanka 2016



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