Darwin, Australia 2022

DevelopingEM – Darwin, Australia 2022

Well, another DevelopingEM event has come and gone, and we would just like to thank you for your enthusiastic support in making DEM2022 Darwin a conference to remember. We hope you agree that it was an amazing event, and we hope the relationships made during the conference will continue to grow and develop in the years to come.



Our conference model does not work without your registrations as these, as you know, are our main funding source.

This model means you are all an integral part of the DevelopingEM team and responsible for the process.

We, as the management team, will be forever grateful for your support.

Despite the new challenges of the pandemic world and uncertainty about whether conferences of this nature would work, attendance was beyond our expectations.

  • 234 delegates attended in person with a further 61 online.
  • 26 of the 80 Faculty were of First Nations heritage with representation from Australian First Nations, Aotearoa and New Mexico.
  • 16 regional delegates from Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Nauru, Kiribati, Tonga and Vanuatu were supported to attend in person. This covered registration, flights and accommodation. This group was funded by The Pacific Community, The ACEM Foundation, Tac Med, ELS, EMRAP GO, St Vincent’s Pacific Development Fund, and also personal donations from Mark Herewini and Rob Mitchell.
  • 30 delegates from across the Pacific, Asia and Africa were supported to attend virtually and were funded by DevelopingEM.
  • 90% of income came from you, DevelopingEMers, with the remainder of funds coming from the above sponsors and a Northern Territory Government Business Events sponsorship grant for which we are most grateful.

The breakdown of the distribution of the delegate registration fees is as follows.For a full delegate paying $AUD1800:

  • $AUD 990 went towards venue and support service costs
  • $AUD 450 went to administrative costs including outsourced event management, insurance, legal requirements, and merchandise (there is no payment to the medical management team)
  • $AUD 126 went towards planning meetings
  • $AUD 90 went towards marketing
  • $AUD 36 went towards IT support

Normally 15-20% of our funding is directed towards host delegate and faculty support. This year this support was moved towards assisting our First Nations faculty with flight and accommodation support. In fact, the vast majority of this group generously self-funded or used existing institutional support and so only 6% of the total budget was required to support this endeavour. This equates to only $AUD108 from each full delegate.

Many ongoing relationships were forged during the conference and we hope this results in multiple future projects being generated as a result of the conference.

In summary, you have all achieved a great deal both in an immediate and long-term sense and the feedback from faculty and delegates has been overwhelming.

A comment from Paul Saunders, who led our second First Nations Healthcare afternoon, is very heart-warming and reflects many of the comments received from our amazing First Nations faculty.

“It was a fantastic conference, the best one I have been to, and I have been to plenty over the years. The real highlight for me was the inclusivity the coordinating team allowed in terms of First Nations faculty”.

We have reasons as a group to feel just a little proud of our collective achievements and once again we would like to thank you for your support.There are a few other things we need to mention before we let you get back to your busy lives.

Conference presentations
Links to the conference presentations can be found below.

Staying in touch with other delegates
Without pre-approval, we can’t release our delegate details but if you are happy for us to make your contact details available for other delegates please let us know and we will create a 2022 detail database.Probably the easiest way to stay in touch would be through our Facebook and Twitter Pages. Feel free to join us here, upload your photos from the conference and post your thoughts. The instant messenger services on Facebook and Whatsapp are great ways to communicate as well.

Giving thanks
We would first like to thank our hosts and cultural ambassadors for the event Aleeta and Richie Fejo for helping us direct the event and for warmly welcoming us all to Larrakia country. We will remain forever grateful for the stewardship provided by Aleeta and Richie.

Our amazing unpaid faculty never ceases to amaze us with their generosity and expertise. With our old hands merging with new players, the workshops and plenary sessions were outstanding and we need to thank the following;

  • Naren Gunja and the Tox Team from TAPNA.
  • Terren Trott, Nadi Pandithage, Angelo Abeywickreme and the entire Core Ultrasound team.
  • Kate Curtis and the HIRAID Nursing team.
  • Aruna Shivam, Brian Wright and Ben Wyler for coordinating Adult EM, Peter Cameron, Jamie Moran and Dave McCreary for hosting Trauma, and April Kam and Sarah Watson for bringing us Paediatrics.
  • The afternoon First Nations Healthcare tracks brought us some of the best thematic discussions we have ever seen at DevelopingEM and the track leaders, Aleeta Fejo, Jacqui Hughes, Sarah Goddard, Paul Saunders, Sharon Bloxsome, Paul McLeod and Ryan Dashwood were extraordinarily generous in leading these sessions.
  • We would also like to thank Lee Wharerau for coordinating the team from Aotearoa, and Chelsea White for coming all the way from the Navajo Nation.
  • Our faculty support teams also were enormously helpful in planning and developing the entire program and this includes Andrew Bezzina, Amanda Wallis, Nathan Trist, Megan Cox, Michelle Withers, Nat Thurtle and Taryn Clark.

Thank you all and we hope to work again with you very soon.

Events like this take time and persistence to plan and prepare and without the help of our incredible Alfred Health staff including Ann-Maree Guirguis, Sarah Jones, Arjun Bhogal and James Cameron, these events just would not happen. Thank you for your hard work over the last year and especially during the conference.

Preparations for our next event are steadily coming into focus and Sanj and I hope to bring you an ever-improving format so that hopefully we can again get together with our DevelopingEM family.

Thank you from both of us for all your support over the years and we will have more information on our future plans soon.

Mark & Sanj

Replay Presentations:

DevelopingEM 2022 – Darwin, Australia



  • Welcome and introduction to DevelopingEM
    Mark Newcombe and Sanj Fernando - PDF & Video

Adult Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

  • Surviving Sepsis in the Tropics and Pre-Hospital Environments
    Dr Florian Pracher – PDF & Video
  • Sustainable POCUS in Tropical ID
    Lindsay Reardon - PDF & Video
  • Bridging the Gap: Early Resuscitation and Critical Care in the ED
    Chidi Nwakanma  – PDF & Video
  • Congenital Cardiac Disease and Cardiogenic Shock in the Tropics. Bo Remenyi  – PDF & Video
  • Panel Discussion: Adult Emergency Medicine and Critical Care (1) – Video
  • Welcome to Country and Opening Ceremony
    Aleeta Fejo – PDF & Video
  • Advanced Airway Management
    James Hooper   – PDF & Video
  • Leadership in the ICU
    Michelle Taylor – PDF & Video
  • My Life as a COVID Intensivist
    David Wallace – Video
  • Preparing for the next pandemic
    Ben Wyler - PDF & Video
  • Panel Discussion: Adult Emergency Medicine and Critical Care (2)

First Nations Healthcare: Beginnings 

  • An Indigenous Perspective: Traditional Healing in a Hospital Setting
    Phillip Obah (Wadja) and Zafar Smith – PDF & Video 
  • Welcome to Country
    Dr Aleeta Fejo (Larrakia) - Video
  • Domestic Violence and Child Protection. What happens after the visit to the ED
    Harriet Murphy and Rachael Hill (Waanyi, Gurindji, Arabana and Tiwi) - PDF & Video
  • The Hidden World of the Indigenous Doctor
    Ryan Dashwood (Yuin) - PDF & Video
  • Panel Discussion: First Nations Healthcare: Beginnings (1) – Video
  • Indigenising the Healthcare Service
    Lee Wharerau, Allanah Winiata-Kelly and Kim Yates (Aotearoa) - PDF & Video
  • 911 or 000- Responding with care in Indigenous Lands
    Chelsea White – PDF & Video
  • Panel Discussion: First Nations Healthcare: Beginnings (2) – Video


  • A case from the top end
    Dr Aruna Shivam & Dr Jamie Moran - PDF & Video
  • Maintaining Skills and Preventing Skill Fade
    Dr David McCreary - PDF & Video
  • Use of Simulation to Maintain High Performance Teamwork
    Dr Victoria Brazil – Video
  • Panel Discussion: Trauma (1) - Video
  • Life-saving interventions
    Prof Peter Cameron – Video
  • Macro and micro pathogens of the Tropical North
    Dr Bart Currie – PDF & Video
  • Trauma deaths in the Northern Territory… and the value that Forensic Pathology can add to the hospital death review processes.
    Marianne Tiemensma [Presentation unavailable due to sensitive content]
  • Panel Discussion: Trauma (2) – Video

First Nations Healthcare: Wellness and Healing Projects  

  • Manaaki Mana- Maori Approach to Emergency Medicine
    Inia Tomash (Aotearoa) - Video
  • Cultural Ways of Working in ED and the Patient-Doctor relationship. Kelly Brown and Ken Nicholls – Video
  • Aboriginal Healthy Hearts Project
    Pauline Brown (Yuin), Keona Wilson (Bidjara) and Prof Paul Saunders (Biripi) - PDF & Video
  • Panel Discussion: First Nations Healthcare: Wellness and Healing Projects 
  • Breaking down Barriers
    Dr Kiarna Brown (Yadhiagana) - PDF & Video

    Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

    • What’s new with Group A Strep in the ED
      Dr Josh Francis  - PDF & Video
    • 5 Quick ways to make your ED or clinic more Paeds friendly
      Dr Sarah Watson – PDF & Video
    • Rheumatic heart disease
      Dr Bo Remenyi – PDF & Video
    • How to support the innate strengths of Aboriginal Students and Doctors
      Dr James Eather – PDF & Video
    • Panel Discussion. How can the ED do no harm in the care of indigenous teens and families?  – Video
    • Translating Respiratory Controversies into Everyday Practice
      Dr Meredith Borland – PDF & Video
    • Top Practice Changing PEM Articles since 2020
      Dr April Kam – PDF & Video
    • Panel Discussion: Paediatric Emergency Medicine post-pandemic – what works, what doesn’t work and what you wish could be implemented 

      First Nations Healthcare: The Future- Beyond Life and Death

      • Appropriate Aged Care
        Paul McLeod (Yuin) and Sharon Bloxsome (Yuin) – PDF & Video
      • From the Perspectives of Whānau
        Allanah Winiata-Kelly (Aotearoa)  - PDF & Video
      • Yarning about Aboriginal Health and their response to Covid-19 in Western New South Wales, Australia
        Melanie Berry, Dan Kelly (Barkindji) & Kelly Lienesch (Barkindji) -
        PDF: Part A/ PDF: Part B & Video
      • Australia- The Future. Culturally Redesigning a Regional Hospital
        Sharon Bloxsome (Yuin) and Paul McLeod (Yuin) - PDF & Video
      • Building relationships between First Nations patients and health professionals Aleeta Fejo (Larrakia) - Video

      Q & A Sessions

      Chief Medical Advisor of NT Health – Q & A
      Facilitator: Dr Sanj Fernando & A/Prof Marco Briceno – Video

      President of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine Q & A
      Facilitator – Dr Sanj Fernando & Dr Clare Skinner  – Video