Our Supporters

DevelopingEM’s supporters help us through financial support, communications and marketing expertise, and other in-kind contributions. As an organisation, we’re committed to keeping out ‘big pharma’ and large corporate interests. The support of these organisations helps us achieve that.

Beat Medical logoBeat Medical is a healthcare recruitment and locum agency based out of Wollongong, NSW. As well as being the conference organisers for DevelopingEM, Beat Medical specialises in recruiting and placing healthcare professionals across the world.


 Bare Hill are an experienced design and creative business focused on conceptual thinking, brand strategy and execution, creating strong, effective branding and visual identities for small businesses to enhance their overall marketing success

 The Aeromedical Society of Australasia, and the College of Air and Surface Transport Nurses is proud to present the leading Australasian event of the aeromedical industry – The ASA + COASTN 28th Conference – Queenstown, NZ, 24-26 August 2016.


iSimulate uses the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more advanced, simpler to use and more cost effective than traditional simulation solutions.


LITFL is a medical blog and website dedicated to providing online emergency medicine and critical care insights and education for everyone, everywhere.



Ultrasound Podcast– Basically because no one else was doing it.  Mike and I both really wanted to listen to a well done ultrasound podcast similar to the podcasts out there such as EMRAP, EMcrit, and ERCAST.


The African Federation for Emergency Medicine is an international association composed of African national emergency medicine organisations


 PACE, basado en el espíritu del humanitarismo multinacional y el profesionalismo en Medicina de Emergencias, busca proveer mecanismos de colaboración para desarrollar y mejorar todos y cada uno de los eslabones relacionados a la atención de Medicina de Emergencias en México y Latinoamérica, a través deprogramas que diseminen la cultura y conocimientos a los profesionales de la salud involucrados en dicha atención.

 Winfocus is the world leader scientific network committed to develop Point-of-care Ultrasound practice, research, education, technology, and networking, addressing the needs of patients, institutions, services, and communities living in out-of-hospital and in-hospital critical scenarios.




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