Presenter Profile / Previous Presentations Regan Marsh

Regan joined us in Salvador for DEM 2014 from Boston where she works as an emergency physician. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Whilst the rest of us are satisfied with some teaching and maybe publishing an article, Regan has been involved in not only building a whole hospital in Haiti, but also driving emergency medicine development and capacity building in the same country.

Her presentation on her work with Partners in Health ( in Haiti was inspiring.


Since then she hasn’t limited herself to redeveloping emergency medicine systems in one of the most disadvantaged countries in the Western hemisphere, she’s also been to Sierra Leone to assist the PIH efforts in Ebola management. What more can I say. She returns to DEM 2015 to help coordinate our Caribbean session with Lisa Charles from St Lucia, and she will be giving us an Update on EM in Haiti.


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Presenter Profile- Suzanne Beno

Suzanne joined us in Salvador for DEM 2014 from Toronto, Canada where she is a Pediatric Emergency physician at The Hospital for Sick Children. Currently she is a co-director of both the PEM Fellowship Program as well as the Trauma Program at SickKids.  Her academic interests include medical education in the area of injury prevention and control and system improvements within pediatric trauma activations, with an important focus on advocacy and knowledge translation of pediatric injury.  She spends her free time hanging with her two lovely children and wonderful hubby, extended family and often paint and canvas.

She gave an outstanding presentation on the role of Tranexamic Acid in Paediatric Trauma and this year she will be speaking on Trauma Tips for Tots.

suzanne beno

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Presenter Profile- Mike Abernethy

Mike has been one of our most avid supporters and tweeters since 2013. He wrote a lovely summary of his social experience in Havana during the last conference. It’s worth a read.

Mike’s an interesting character who after a run of several careers as a steelworker, EMT, military officer, metallurgical engineer and street musician, earned his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

He completed his Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Chicago and was Chief Aeromedical Resident at the University of Chicago Aeromedical Network.

He is the Chief Flight Physician with the University of Wisconsin’s Med Flight program as well as an associate professor and faculty with UW’s EM residency program.

He is a well known lecturer at many regional, national and international EM/EMS/HEMS conferences.

With a career spanning over 20 years and several thousand patient transports, Mike is one of the worlds most experienced helicopter flight physicians.

During DEM 2015 he will be presenting on PreHospital Haemorrhage Control.

mike abernathy

To get an idea of what to expect here is Mike’s presentation on Burns Management from DEM 2013.

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Presenter Profile – Peter Viccellio

Peter joined us in Havana and Salvador from Stony Brook University Hospital ED in New York, where he is the vice chairman and clinical director.
In 2013 and 2014 Peter delivered some entertaining and information laden presentations on Toxicology, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Information Technology in EM, and Trauma as well as facilitating a station in Ashley Bean’s Ultrasound workshop in Havana.
It is not a surprise that Peter has received awards for excellence in teaching. This year he will be assisting with the Adult EM and Trauma programs and once again we look forward to his learned engaging style.
Join Peter and us in Havana by registering now and stay tuned for more presenter profiles.
Get a taste of what to expect by listening to Peter’s presentation on the assessment and management of haemorrhage from DEM2014

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Presenter Profile- Khaled Menapal

Khaled probably has the most incredible medical work history of anyone you’ll ever meet.

From working as a general surgeon in Afghanistan, to managing an ER in Holland, to going on regular deployments with MSF, to tutoring family physician trainees at multiple universities, Khaled has literally done it all. He joined us in Cuba as a delegate and this year we are very happy to have him on our amazing faculty. he will be talking about hismany experiences in trauma and developing world emergency medicine.

Presenter Profile – Peter Viccellio

Peter is the vice chairman and clinical director of the Stony Brook University Hospital ED in New York. Under his leadership, Emergency Medicine became a Department in the Medical School. Known for his engaging teaching style, Peter received the Aesculapius Award for Excellence in Teaching from the SUNY School of Medicine in 2003. He is the editor of Handbook of Toxicology. His areas of research include overcrowding, patient safety, medical errors, head and cervical spine injuries, and residency education. Peter has served in numerous leadership positions at the state and national levels of the ACEM and the SAEM. He is a frequent lecturer on emergency medicine topics at the local, state, national and international level.

Presenter Profile – Stuart Swadron

Stuart Swadron began his career in medicine as a general practitioner in Canada. He emigrated to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for emergency medicine. He is currently Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and Medical Education at the University of Southern California and an attending emergency physician at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center. Stuart served for many years as the residency program director at LAC/USC and he has remained very active in medical education. He appears as a co-host and contributor on the popular EM:RAP series.

DevelopingEM supports local photographic artist

In searching for photos to use on our website we came across the amazing work of local Salvadorian photographer Tiago Lima.
His photographs immediately attracted us as being beautifully composed and artistic and certainly not simply travel photos.
Tiago was generous enough to offer his photos free of charge for our website and marketing and we’re sure you will agree they have added greatly to our material.
Tiago will be brightening up our reception area at the Sheraton da Bahia with some of his work which will also be for sale, but you better get in quickly because we’ve seen the collection and are keen on securing a few pieces for ourselves.
His photos will be available as fine-art prints on Hahnemuhle paper in three different sizes, (20x30cm | 30x45cm | 60x40cm) with prices between US$ 150 and US$350.
Only 5 (five) signed copies per photograph will be available and all the prints are sold in a package ready to travel abroad.
A few of Tiago’s amazing photos can be seen here and on our website.
We are terribly grateful for Tiago’s help in the leadup to DevelopingEM and are very happy to introduce him to our delegates.
We hope you are similarly entranced by his work.
tiagolima01 tiagolima02 tiagolima03 tiagolima04

Presenter Profile – Billy Mallon

Billy is joining us from LA where he has been teaching faculty at LA County and USC for over 20 years.

As you are no doubt aware Billy has been a central figure in global EM teaching for years, but what you may not know is that he has been assisting with the development of EM as a specialty in Chile for over 20 years.

As such we are very grateful to have his unique perspective on developing EM in South America.

Billy will bring his unique and multiply awarded educational style to all three of the core sessions,Adult EM, Paediatrics and Trauma.

Join Billy and us in Salvador by registering now and stay tuned for more presenter profiles.

Emergency Medicine in Brazil

In our recent newsletter we focussed on the excellence of our upcoming program.

One of its core features will be delivered by our Brazilian colleagues and will focus on where Emergency Medicine in Brazil has come from and where it is headed.

As well as examining the past and future of the specialty in Brazil, there will be an explanation of some of the processes in Emergency Medicine training and also a description of a recent mass casualty situation- the Santa Maria nightclub fire.

Our Brazilian presenters are the cornerstones of the specialty in Brazil and include Ana Paula Freitas who heads the innovative EM training program in Porto Alegre and Fred Arnaud from Fortaleza who is a previous president of the Brazilian Association of Emergency Medicine (ABRAMEDE).

As for all our core sessions we will have UN style translation during this part of the program. Our Brazilian colleagues are as excited as we are to interact and discuss the challenges we all face in emergency medicine so make sure you come and support their efforts in hosting this session.

Another great reason to come to DevelopingEM 2014.

Register now and join us all in Salvador.