DevelopingEM 2014 Faculty

GDay DevelopingEMers

Well we’ve told you a little about some of the components of our program headed by an amazing dynamic group of program leads.

Now for our amazing faculty.

Over the last two years we have had some incredible presenters and this year is no exception.

We have a number of presenters rejoining us from Havana including John MacKenzie, Joe Lex, Peter Viccellio, Marianne Gausche, and Camilo Gutierrez.

Joining this incredible group will be a truly fantastic cohort including some leading lights in their fields including Billy Mallon and Mary McCaskill as well as some incredible personalities from the field of Emergency Medicine in Brazil and around the world.

Come to Salvador and get some incredible education from this amazing group at DevelopingEM 2014.

DevelopingEM 2014 Faculty
Frederico Carlos De Sousa Arnaud (BRA)
Colin Banks (AUS)
Sue Beno (USA)
Jessica Best (USA)
Luis Alexandre Borges (BRA)
Anne Creaton (AUS / FIJI)
Anthony Crocco (CAN)
Carlos Fernando Dornelles (BRA)
Steffan Eriksson (AUS)
Sanj Fernando (AUS)
Ana Paula Da Rocha Freitas (BRA)
Pablo Fuenzalida (CHILE)
Marianne Gausche (USA)
Camilo Gutierrez (USA)
Jon Kerr (USA)
Charisse Kwan (CAN)
Joe Lex (USA)
Luis Lovato (USA)
John MacKenzie (AUS)
Mary McCaskill (AUS)
Fergal McCourt (AUS)
Billy Mallon (USA)
Regan Marsh (USA / HAITI)
Khaled Menapal (HOL / AFG)
Ravi Morchi (USA)
Michael Mullins (USA)
Oscar Navea (CHILE)
Rodrigo Brandao Neto (BRA)
Marcela Preto-Zamperlini (CAN)
Aurelio Rodriguez (CUB)
Paolo Silveira (BRA)
Paolo Sampaio (BRA)
Todd Slesinger (USA)
Carlos Trotta (ARG)
Joachim Unger (GER)
Peter Viccellio (USA)
Steve Wall (USA)
Janna Welch (USA)
David Wallace (USA)
Brian Wright (USA)

Tracy Catlin (USA)
Marcos Coelho (BRA)
Matt Dawson (USA)
Camilo Gutierrez (USA)
Saundra Jackson (USA)
Charisse Kwan (CAN)
Mike Mallin (USA)
Jorge Otero (USA)
Marcela Preto Zamperlini (CAN)
Gabriela Santos (USA / VEN)

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