Sponsorship Options to Assist with DevelopingEM 2014

GDay DevelopingEMers

One of the core principles of DevelopingEM which was demonstrated to great effect in Havana is our commitment to assisting our colleagues in the host country of our conference.

As you know local delegates have their attendance sponsored by the attendance of international delegates.

In Cuba your registrations supported the attendance of over 70 regional delegates.

In a similar fashion Brazilian and regional delegates will have their registration costs and, where possible, their travel and accommodation expenses supported by DevelopingEM which in effect is all of you.

In addition to your registration fees being redistributed in this manner you also have the option during the registration process to choose a number of different specific sponsorship options.

As well as being able to specifically sponsor the attendance of regional delegates you are also able to donate to the cost of the provision of accommodation for sponsored delegates, as well as attendance at the social functions.

In Cuba DevelopingEM also provided a number electronic resources, including computer workstations preloaded with critical care educational material and USB data storage devices.

Given the popularity of these donations we have decided to repeat the effort in Brazil by providing 1 TB Hard drives preloaded with educational material donated by our friends at the Ultrasound Podcast, the Intensive Care Network, Joe Lex and the Emergency Care Institute’s John MacKenzie, amongst others.

These devices will be distributed to critical care facilities around the region.


In addition we will also be giving each sponsored delegate their own USB storage device.

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