Intracranial Catastrophe – Andrew Bezzina

Andrew’s presentation on the management of intracranial catastrophes outlines some of the controversies and potential solutions for emergency physicians for a disease process that is frequently a frustrating dynamic. Andrew has helped DevelopingEM from the start and whilst he won’t make it to Salvador he will be supporting us from back home in Oz.

Acute CT Interpretation in the ED – Why we shouldn’t always wait for the radiologist

Sanj is an emergency and retrieval medicine physician from Sydney. He has an interest in education and has taught around the globe. During DevelopingEM 2013 he gave this presentation, organised a fantastic CT interpretation workshop and assisted with the Ultrasound Workshop. This year he is chairing our Trauma Program which is shaping up to be a standout component of the program in Salvador.

Critical Care Ultrasound for the New Era – 2013 Presentation

Continuing with our presentations from Havana the next in our series from the Adult EM and Critical Care session is from Jorge Otero on Critical Care Ultrasound for the New Era. Jorge is a fluent Spanish speaker and it was great to have him on board in Havana where his presentations in Espanol were a welcome relief from the Aussie drawl for our Cuban companeros.

This year’s Trauma Program – DevelopingEM 2014 – Emergency Medicine Conference

To cap the Trauma Program off there will be as close to a real life trauma resuscitation as there is possible to be using a novel simulation device, The Cut Suit. I don’t want to give too much away, but this may be the most convincing visual, auditory and olfactory simulation you have ever seen.

Unique Communication and De-escalation Workshop at DevelopingEM 2014

Recently Steffan has been bringing his expertise to the instruction of health care providers to prevent injury in difficult and personally dangerous work environments. In a practical accompaniment to Jo’s lectures, Steffan will be demonstrating some simple techniques of self protection and tailoring these techniques to the hospital environment.

The “march of folly” in Brazilian Emergency Medicine

The lust for power is defined by Tacitus as being the “most flagrant of all the passions.” It is satisfied only when exercising power over other human beings. Governing ends up being the best way to exert power over people. But what does this have to do with Emergency Medicine in Brazil? After reflecting on the struggle for the recognition of Emergency Medicine in Brazil, I ask myself why is this recognition so difficult to attain? Why, despite all the evidence presented, technical, scientific, financial and social, our institutions insist on ignoring this issue or when they do, act so slowly and indecisively.

Ultrasound Podcast joins DevelopingEM Brazil – 2 Day Workshop

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from the ultrasound workshops at previous conferences, we have added a two day post conference workshop to the end of the Brazil conference this year. Presented in person by Drs Mike Mallin and Matt Dawson from the popular and innovative Ultrasound Podcast, it is sure to be an event not to be missed. With only 30 places available, make sure you book your place soon.

Peter Viccellio- Updates in Emergency Toxicology

Peter opened his presentation with a pertinent discussion on the pathophysiology and treatment of alcohol withdrawal. His approach is not solely from the standpoint of current research and literature but from a wealth of personal experience. Useful algorithms are listed in the attached lecture slides. Lorazepam, librium, phenobarbatal and valproic acid can be used but the big take home message: The cornerstone of severe alcohol withdrawal treatment remains IV diazepam (and lots of it – sometimes > 100mg).