EM in Cuba and the Caribbean

One of the core components of this years’ program will be delivered by our regional colleagues from Cuba and the Caribbean. The focus will be on how EM is developing in the region and also will review how our Cuban colleagues are assisting around with missions around the globe. Of particular interest will be the Cuban Response to Ebola in West Africa.

Our regional coordinators are some of the most respected physicians in the region and include Pedro Veliz and Carlos Perez from Cuba, Lisa Charles from St Lucia, and Regan Marsh from Mirabelais in Haiti.

As for all our core sessions we will have UN style translation during this part of the program. Our regional colleagues are as excited as we are to interact and discuss the challenges we all face in emergency medicine so make sure you come and support their efforts in hosting this session.

Yet another great reason to come to DevelopingEM 2015.

Register now and join us all in Havana.

 An example of what to expect during this session is provided by the wonderful Ana Paula Freitas from Porto Alegre in Brazil. Check out her presentation from DevelopingEM 2014 here.





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