Havana, Cuba – yes we can!

DevelopingEM is a community aimed at promoting emergency medicine and critical care development world wide.

We function solely through the support of our multinational faculty and delegate group.

Word of mouth remains the most powerful tool we have for promoting our aims and objectives and you, our supporters, can help us spread the DevelopingEM concept.

Havana 2015 will be another amazing experience and the more delegates we have the more we can do as an organization to assist our Caribbean colleagues.

So tell your friends and workmates about DevelopingEM and help us make 2015 our best effort ever.

As an example of what to expect here is some of the incredible feedback following Salvador 2014.

“an amazing experience” Oscar Navea, Chile.

“It was great to compare notes with others doing international EM development work.” JP Rohde, USA.

“The conference was outstanding” Luis Lovato, USA.

“My experience with Developing EM was nothing but wonderful” Mariely Ercolano, Chile.

“I think this is really developing into a wonderful event. (Billy) Mallon said it was the best international medicine conference he has attended, because there was a genuine opportunity for people with needs to meet with people who can help” Peter Viccellio, USA.

“Thank you so much for  the enormous amount of work to arrange yet another  great conference.” Gill Perriment, Australia.

“I did enjoy being there and getting to know lot of colleagues from all over the world, same feeling I have while in a mission with MSF.” Carlos Trotta, Argentina.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with such an amazing conference. I really enjoyed the program and having the opportunity to meet all that people from different places in the world.” Marcela Preto, Brazil.

“I found the conference to be both very enjoyable and stimulating. The topics were good and the speakers that you had attracted were of high quality.  The format was good with 20 minutes being a good length permitting some discussion. I fully agree with the ethos behind DevelopingEM and would welcome the opportunity to support you in the future.” Colin Banks, Australia.

“I would like to thank you both for the opportunity to attend the conference…. It was great! I really enjoyed the educational program, in special everything related to trauma care and POC ultrasound, and it is always good to know what people from abroad are doing in terms of patient care, their routine and their expertise.

For me the highlight of the conference was the ultrasound workshop: Lots of machines, a lot of time to practice, experienced teachers!!! Really well done!!! Hope I can attend more of your conference in the future!!!” Fabio Papa, Brazil.

“I had a wonderful time at the conference. I loved it. I think you guys have done an exceptional thing with this, and I hope it continues and would love to be a part of it.” Suzanne Beno, Canada.

“It was a really great conference. Everybody was very enthusiastic about everything and the group of faculty and attendees was awesome. I think that the level of the conference speakers and topics were very good.” Pablo Aguilera Fuenzalida, Chile.

“Excellent conference!” Jessica Best, USA.

“I personally found it very inspirational and it was great to meet all the like minded individuals (and especially the Brazilians).” James Salway, USA.

“I think you two put together a great conference. I was pleased with the content and variety as well as the caliber of many of the speakers.” Janna Welch, USA.

“The conference was awesome” Regan Marsh, USA.

“Thank you again for this great conference. I enjoyed it very much to meet you again and to follow the amazing presentations from all these great people from all over the world.” Joachim Unger, Germany.

“Brazil was a blast!! You guys sure know how to organize a cool conference:)” Tracey Catlin, USA.

“It was an honour for me to present to an extraordinary group of dedicated people doing amazing work in countries having the greatest need for EM services. My wife and I had an amazing time.” Steve Wall, USA.

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