NAEMSP International Medical Directors Overview Course in Cartagena for #DevEM2020

This workshop has seen some fascinating discussions between EMS clinicians and providers from around the globe over the last few years.

An analysis of different systems and their governance structures has been an illuminating process.

This interactive course focuses on EMS in the real world and serves to enhance physicians’ expertise in EMS issues.

Delegates will also get to interact with their colleagues from around the globe, around the region and from Colombia.

Its a remarkable opportunity to see how others have approached difficult problems in their EMS systems.

I love this workshop and will see you there!!

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Emergency Medicine in Colombia

Why is DevelopingEM going to Colombia?

Perhaps the main reason has been the persistent efforts of one Camilo Gutierrez to bring DevelopingEM to his home country, Colombia, since his involvement in our faculty back in 2013 in Havana.

Camilo is a Paediatric Emergency Physician currently working at Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington DC and he is literally involved in EVERYTHING to do with International Paediatric EM.


He’s presented for us 3 times now and for the last 6 years he’s been pushing Colombia, Colombia, COLOMBIA.

Check out his DevelopingEM Paeds EM presentations in Havana and Salvador.

We certainly are glad for his persistence because EM in Colombia at the moment is rapidly and enthusiastically developing and it is the perfect time for a DevelopingEM conference.

The first Colombian EM program commenced in 1996 and EM was recognised as a specialty in Colombia in 2005.

The recognised EM organisation in the country, the Asociacion Colombiana de Especialistas de Emergencias (ACEM) has also achieved full IFEM membership.

Across the country there are over 200 specialists and trainees in seven training programs transitioning the practice of emergency medicine from a GP and subspecialist based practice to a model recognisable in the North America and Australasia.

The scene is a perfect one for a DevelopingEM conference with an enthusiastic ACEM led by Fabian Andres Rosas agreeing to partner with DevelopingEM for sequential collaborative conferences in March 2020.

We will be forever grateful for the enthusiasm of both Camilo and Fabian in getting us this far.

The rapid development of EM in Colombia is beautifully described in two articles outlining the state of play with EM and EM training in the country.

Link to article

Link to Article

Amongst the authors of these articles are Camilo himself along with some of the luminaries in Colombian emergency medicine who have been critical to getting #DevEM2020 up and running including

Christian Arbalaez

Andres Patino


Luis Vargas

After you register for #DevEM2020 have a read of these articles and get a feel for what your Colombian colleagues have achieved in such a short space of time.

As always an EM in Colombia track during the conference will update and further expand on the successes and challenges that the specialty has had over the last 2 decades.

Thank you Camilo, Fabian, Christian, Andres and Luis for your support, advice and assistance in bringing us DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia (Mar 7-11, 2020), and the 4th ACEM International Emergency Medicine Congress (March 12-14, 2020).

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

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Another Amazing Program for #DevEM2020

The program for #DevEM2020 Colombia is shaping up as one of our best ever with experts from around the globe coming to Cartagena to educate you.

Matt and Mike return for the 6th time with their Ultrasound Podcast 2 day workshop. Its based on their famous Castlefest workshop. This one will fill up quickly so sign up soon.

The NAEMSP team bring a Spanish speaking team to deliver their International Medical Directors Overview Course. Ive attended their last 3 workshops and the round table discussions on the challenges of prehospital management are fascinating.

Rob Rogers and the Medutopia team bring their 2 day Medical Education workshop to DEM for the first time. Learn everything from how to deliver a great presentation all the way through to the latest innovations in medical education. We’re excited to be collaborating with Rob and his experienced team with what is renowned as a fantastic workshop.

Our core plenary topics will once again return with Peter Cameron leading Trauma with his team from Alfred health, April Kam returns with her Toronto Paeds crew, and Brian Wright leads the Adult EM session.

A Colombian team will present what is happening to the specialty of EM in their country and as in previous years this is sure to be a fascinating journey.

The wonderful Nat Thurtle also returns with tracks dedicated to Regional and International Emergency Medicine. Hear from inspirational global colleagues about how they have managed development issues often in extremely challenging environments. These are sessions that routinely inspire us all.

Following up from a successful regional forum in Fiji we will be repeating the effort in Cartagena with an invite-only session of EM leaders from the region. We hope that this will be an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate in the development of the specialty regionally.

All this along with two amazing social functions in beautiful Cartagena de Indias.

Our colleagues at ACEM then hold their own annual scientific assembly immediately following DEM and you are all welcome. More details on what will be a huge event soon!

Have the best week of your educational year with us and ACEM in Colombia.

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The Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias

In June 2018 Camilo, Rolly and I made a trip to Cartagena and were amazed by the city.

A near completely restored 500 year old colonial walled city, next to a Miami-esque modern tourist town.

Right at the heart of it all is the beautiful Convention Centre, situated on the water of the port, within walking distance of the ramparts of the old city.

The Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias looks more like an art gallery than a convention centre.

A wide boulevard leads to the entrance of a 40 year old recently renovated piece of beautiful 20th century soft brutalist architecture.

Inside there are beautiful open common spaces filled with Colombian modernist art and sculpture.

It was not a hard decision for the boys and I to make to take DevelopingEM to this beautiful centre.

The skill, professionalism and patience of the Convention Centre team, has made us extremely happy with the choice and we just know the centre will be a major factor in the success of DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia.

We will be using the centre for all our functions this year and you can even check out the areas virtually on the centre website.

The interactive centre website also has a virtual tour option so you can walk through the whole beautiful venue.

It is truly a stunning venue and we feel very honoured to be working with the centre team to bring you DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia.

Come and join us in beautiful Cartagena at the incomparable Centro de Convenciones.

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Photographer Rory O’Bryen helps out DevelopingEM

The internet is an amazing place.

So many generous people out there.

This year we connected with an amazing photographer with an interest in Colombia.

His name is Rory O’Bryen and his photos are amazing.

We connected on Flickr and amazingly he allowed us to use some photos for our upcoming conference in Colombia.

Thanks Rory.

Check out his website here.

Here are some of his incredible photos.

Over the years the generosity of photographers has been an astounding part of the DevelopingEM Journey.

Tiago Lima helped us in 2014. Check his work here.

Jorge Royan helped us in 2013 and 2015. Check his work here.

In 2016 one of our own faculty Nick Taylor provided us with some incredible photos from his time working in Sri Lanka. You can see some of his amazing work here.

All of us at DevelopingEM are incredibly grateful to Rory, Tiago, Jorge and Nick for their help in making our website and design material look amazing.

Thanks guys!

Enjoy Early Bird Specials for #DevEM2020 and know that your contribution supports local delegates

If you get in now you can make the most of our Early Bird Registration Specials.

Early Bird Round One saves you $300 USD as a full delegate and you have until the end of April 2019 to take advantage of this cost saving.

Early Bird Round Two saves you $200 USD and expires at the end of May 2019.

Early Bird Round Three saves you $100 USD and expires at the end of July 2019.


If you are registering as a full delegate know that DevelopingEM is putting your cash to good use.

This year your contributions are going towards the supported attendance of 40 Colombian delegates and 10 from the region.

Also half of the attendees at each of our confirmed workshops (Ultrasound Podcast / NAEMSP / Medutopia) will be Colombian or regional delegates.

We are also very hopeful that we will have a Nursing Workshop for Colombian clinicians and are working hard to assure that the logistics for this event allow it to work perfectly. Your contributions will allow this to happen.

We are hopeful that organisations and individuals will also contribute directly and are negotiating with several bodies currently. Funds made available will flow either to regional delegate support or the provision of educational equipment at the conclusion of the conference.

If you would like to learn more about how DevelopingEM supports regional delegates and how you can help check out the link

There will also be options to donate directly within the registration process.

To see how your registration contribution was distributed in 2018 check out our Fiji Wrap Up.

iSimulate comes to the party AGAIN!!

In 2006 I met an enthusiastic Welsh anaesthetist, Anthony Lewis, whilst working together in an aeromedical retrieval job in Sydney.

13 years later I continue to work with Ant but in quite a different collaboration.

In 2011 whilst Lee and myself were just thinking about DevelopingEM, Ant and his team were well on the way into a commercial space with the ground-breaking medical simulation company iSimulate.

Right from the word go Ant and Peter McKie from iSimulate were supportive of DevelopingEM and Ant has been a member of our faculty in Sydney and Havana.

In 2016 Ant and Peter facilitated a much discounted simulation package for our colleagues in Sri Lanka which continues in a purpose built facility in the National Hospital in Colombo.

This year the iSimulate team have come through again with a cut price REALITi simulation Eco System for our colleagues in Fiji.

Our Fijian colleagues elected for a small registration charge for local delegates attending DEM2018 and it was with these funds that the iSimulate device was bought.

The new device was presented by Ant to Mafa Vakamocea (Director of the Fijian Organising Committee for DevelopingEM 2018) and will be handed over to Arveen Maharaj (Fijian member of the faculty for DEM2018) for use in Suva in clinical simulation and educational settings.

The device is accompanied by the usual excellent backup and support services offered by iSimulate and will be an educational tool for years to come.

Im a bit biased but I think many of you will agree that the iSimulate range of devices are amongst the most amazing pieces of simulation kit that has been developed in the last 20 years and we are very excited with the prospect of being able to expedite the delivery of such a wonderful device to our enthusiastic EM team in Fiji.

Thanks to Ant, Peter, Mafa, Arveen and Anne Creaton for making this happen.

With the second successful collaboration of this type with iSimulate, DevelopingEM has now made the future provision of iSimulate equipment to host country teams a standard part of our memorandum of understandings with the teams.

So an iSimulate for Colombia is now confirmed for 2020.

Join us in Cartagena to meet and learn from an equally enthusiastic team.

The wonderful connected world of DevelopingEM

On the eve of the release of a registration ready website for #DevEM2020 Colombia we look at the interconnected beauty that is DevelopingEM.

This mind map is trying to demonstrate how DevelopingEM has connected people around the globe.

By connecting individuals and organisations we have seen so many unexpected positive effects.

These effects have been varied and wonderful and include everything from new friendships to mass movements.

Some of these effects are demonstrated in this mind map.

Clicking on the links in the map further explains the specifics of some of these connections.

If you know of more connections we should add please let us know.