Get Connected at #DevEM2022

DevelopingEM conference a great way to connect with like-minded clinicians from around the globe.

We have some great social events this year but even on our other days and nights people will be getting together.

The best way to stay connected is by joining our Whatsapp group.

Once again Joachim Unger from Berlin is taking care of your social arrangements.

Joachim is our most loyal international delegate and he’s been to every one of our international events.

He even collects the wrist bands.

He’s also a consultant anaesthetist who works in emergency medicine, intensive care and anaesthesiology.

As if thats not enough he is also the medical director of the Berlin Fire Brigade and the director of Global EMS.

Coming from Berlin he also is an expert on having fun- you are in good hands.

Come to #DevEM2022 for great clinical pearls and thematic discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the delivery of healthcare for First Nations peoples but also make sure you enjoy yourself!

Connect today.

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