More Video Testimonials from Previous Faculty

We have the best faculty in the world- motivated generous experts in their fields one and all.

More have been nice enough to provide a little video testimonial on why they like DevelopingEM.

So Cool.

First we have Kass Thomas an ICU trainee from Australia.

Kass spoke at our 2016 conference on her experiences as an MSF doctor in Kunduz Afghanistan. Specifically she spoke beautifully and bravely about being in the middle of an air attack on the Trauma Centre in Kunduz where patients, colleagues and friends were killed whilst they were being treated or treating others inside a hospital. Her presentation immediately galvanised the audience and spawned the development of the Colombo Declaration and the Stop Bombing Hospitals movement which Kass has tirelessly championed ever since.

This year Kass will discuss some of the challenges of attempting to build a grassroots medical advocacy campaign against the deliberate targeting of hospitals in war.

It is wonderful to hear from Kass as she studies in Sri Lanka and it will be amazing to have her back in the faculty this year.

Thank you Kass for everything.

Next we have Associate Professor Rahul Goswami an emergency physician from Changi Hospital in Singapore.

Rahul spoke for us on some of the practicalities of transporting critical ill paediatric patients during our conference in Sri Lanka. He is a highly respected member of the Singaporean emergency medicine community and we are honoured to have his thoughts on DevelopingEM included in these video testimonials.

Thanks Rahul and hopefully see you soon.


Last but definitely not least is Ant Lewis the Welsh anaesthetic wizard and brains behind i-Simulate.

Anthony and I worked together in 2006 as Retrieval Medicine clinicians in Sydney and he has helped as faculty at our 2012 and 2013 conferences.

In Cuba in 2013 he brought his iSimulates and his big bear and along with Clare Richmond ran an amazing simulation workshop that at the time was ground breaking and thanks to their subsequent work has simply become the standard.

Since then i-Simulate has gone from strength to strength and these days we offer the latest portable simulator devices to our local organising teams because we know what an amazing product they have become.

Ant and his team have always supported DevelopingEM with marketing, promotion and great deals on their devices so that cash-strapped DevelopingEM can get these devices to places where EM simulation has the most benefit.

We will always be grateful for his friendship and support and appreciate his kind words about DevelopingEM.

Thanks again Ant!







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