Reintroducing DevelopingEM

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially announced a global pandemic that has changed our lives forever. It was also the last day of our Colombian event, DevelopingEM 2020, and in fact the WHO announcement was during a very pertinent presentation on COVID19 by Dr Ben Wyler. As we all headed homeContinue reading “Reintroducing DevelopingEM”

12 months of COVID 19 with Ben Wyler

Almost exactly 12 months ago we started our COVID19 VLOG series by chatting with Ben Wyler. Ben is an emergency physician with an interest in travel medicine based in Manhattan. Ben had subbed in at the last minute to our DevEM2020 program in Colombia with a presentation on COVID19. During the presentation the WHO formallyContinue reading “12 months of COVID 19 with Ben Wyler”

We discuss Paediatric COVID 19 with April Kam

April Kam, our Paediatric EM and Critical Care track lead, spent some time with us this week to discuss COVID 19 in the Paediatric population. April is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and the Director of Research and Quality for the division of PEM at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. She hasContinue reading “We discuss Paediatric COVID 19 with April Kam”

DevelopingEM talks COVID 19 in Nicaragua with Hector Real

Today we talk to Dr Hector Real from Nicaragua. Hector is an Emergency Physician working in critical care at the Hospital Vivian Pellas in Managua. He is a spokesman for the Nicaraguan Association of Emergency Medicine (ANME) and the ACEP Liaison for Nicaragua. Hector attended our DevelopingEM 2020 conference in Cartagena and presented on theContinue reading “DevelopingEM talks COVID 19 in Nicaragua with Hector Real”

DevelopingEM 2020 Presentations Now Available

An amazing time was had by all in beautiful Cartagena during DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia. Apart from the wonderful attractions of this incredible place we actually had one of our best emergency medicine and critical care conferences ever with the latest evidence based material from some of the best presenters on the planet. All this wonderfulContinue reading “DevelopingEM 2020 Presentations Now Available”

Ben Wyler Talks COVID 19 with Mark

One of the best presentations at DEM2020 was delivered by Ben Wyler on COVID19. It not only was a spur of the moment addition to the program but also delivered on the day the Global Pandemic was declared. It was a sobering presentation and predicted much of what would happen in the last 2 months.Continue reading “Ben Wyler Talks COVID 19 with Mark”