Host Country Track to be a standout moment for #DevEM2020

This year DevelopingEM comes to Colombia.

Two excellent conferences back to back, DevelopingEM 2020 and ACEM 2020 will be on offer for an entire week of emergency medicine and critical care education.

On March 9, the Emergency Medicine in Colombia track will describe the development of EM in the country, the progress of trauma management, POCUS, PEM, EM Leadership and what the future holds for the specialty.

The track will be led by Eliecer Cohen.

Eliecer is the first Emergency Physician graduated in Bogotá, Colombia, from the only 4 year based program in the country.

He is a founding member of ACEM Colombia and a previous secretary of the college.

He remains the editor of the college journal. Eliecer has been an enthusiastic supporter of the DevelopingEM ACEM partnership since the first meeting in June 2018.

He is leading a group of experienced and enthusiastic clinicians from our host country Colombia.


This group includes the following experts.

Fabian Andres Rosas Romero, the current ACEM President

Virginia Zarama

Camilo Gutierrez from Kids National in Washington DC

Luis Eduardo Vargas

and Nathaly Vargas.

Join us to hear from this expert team in Cartagena, Colombia for DevelopingEM 2020 and ACEM 2020.

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

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