Emergency Medicine in Colombia

Why is DevelopingEM going to Colombia?

Perhaps the main reason has been the persistent efforts of one Camilo Gutierrez to bring DevelopingEM to his home country, Colombia, since his involvement in our faculty back in 2013 in Havana.

Camilo is a Paediatric Emergency Physician currently working at Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington DC and he is literally involved in EVERYTHING to do with International Paediatric EM.


He’s presented for us 3 times now and for the last 6 years he’s been pushing Colombia, Colombia, COLOMBIA.

Check out his DevelopingEM Paeds EM presentations in Havana and Salvador.

We certainly are glad for his persistence because EM in Colombia at the moment is rapidly and enthusiastically developing and it is the perfect time for a DevelopingEM conference.

The first Colombian EM program commenced in 1996 and EM was recognised as a specialty in Colombia in 2005.

The recognised EM organisation in the country, the Asociacion Colombiana de Especialistas de Emergencias (ACEM) has also achieved full IFEM membership.

Across the country there are over 200 specialists and trainees in seven training programs transitioning the practice of emergency medicine from a GP and subspecialist based practice to a model recognisable in the North America and Australasia.

The scene is a perfect one for a DevelopingEM conference with an enthusiastic ACEM led by Fabian Andres Rosas agreeing to partner with DevelopingEM for sequential collaborative conferences in March 2020.

We will be forever grateful for the enthusiasm of both Camilo and Fabian in getting us this far.

The rapid development of EM in Colombia is beautifully described in two articles outlining the state of play with EM and EM training in the country.

Link to article

Link to Article

Amongst the authors of these articles are Camilo himself along with some of the luminaries in Colombian emergency medicine who have been critical to getting #DevEM2020 up and running including

Christian Arbalaez

Andres Patino


Luis Vargas

After you register for #DevEM2020 have a read of these articles and get a feel for what your Colombian colleagues have achieved in such a short space of time.

As always an EM in Colombia track during the conference will update and further expand on the successes and challenges that the specialty has had over the last 2 decades.

Thank you Camilo, Fabian, Christian, Andres and Luis for your support, advice and assistance in bringing us DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia (Mar 7-11, 2020), and the 4th ACEM International Emergency Medicine Congress (March 12-14, 2020).

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

Register Now for one of the most anticipated educational events of 2020!!


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