DevelopingEM 2018 Fiji wraps up

Dear Colleagues, DevelopingEM Delegates and Faculty,

Well another DevelopingEM event has come and gone and we would just like to thank you for your enthusiastic support in making DEM2018 Fiji a conference to remember.

We hope you agree that it was an amazing event and we hope the relationships made during the conference will continue to grow and develop in the years to come.

Our conference model does not work without your registrations as these, as you know, are our main funding source.

This model means you are all an integral part of the DevelopingEM team and responsible for the process.

We, as the management team, will be forever grateful for your support.

Although the breakdown of your registration charges was presented at the conference I think it’s important to remind you, as members of the team, of the breakdown of your contributions as well as what these funds allowed us all to achieve.

For a full delegate paying $AUD1700

  • $AUD887 went towards venue costs and I’m sure you will agree that the Intercontinental was a magnificent Fijian setting for a Pacific conference
  • $AUD338 went to administrative costs including outsourced event management, insurance, legals, college fees and merchandise (there is no payment to the medical management team)
  • $AUD117 went towards planning meetings both in Australia and Fiji
  • $AUSD43 went towards marketing
  • $AUD15 went towards IT support
  • Most Importantly $AUD300 went to supported attendance of regional and local delegates at the conference and workshops

This local delegate support was offset by a small local registration fee for the 75 Fijian attendees, however the 12 regional delegates you supported attended free of any charge. (2 regional delegates were supported by Aspen Health and 2 by the ACEM Foundation).

All of the Fijian and 12 of the regional delegates received $AUD100 per day of attendance to assist with travel and accommodation to the conference.

All the regional delegates had flights provided by the combined efforts of DEM, SPC, ACEM and Aspen, with SPC contributing further subsidies to 10 of the regional delegates.

Your support allowed 71 attendances at various workshops by local and regional colleagues, with many attending more than one workshop.

In summary you have all achieved a great deal both in an immediate and long term sense and the feedback from local and regional delegates has been overwhelming, and very heart warming.

We have reasons as a group to feel just a little proud of our collective achievements and once again we would like to thank you for your support.

There are a few other things we need to mention before we let you get back to your busy lives.

Conference Presentations
There were many requests for copies of the conference presentations. We hope to have all the presentations and video uploaded to our website soon. Our previous conference presentations can be found here.

Conference Photos and Videos
We decided to limit our costs this year and did not employ a professional photographer. If you have great photos and are happy for us to put them online either send them to us or upload it via Facebook.

Staying in Touch with other Delegates
Without pre-approval we cant release our delegate details but if you are happy for us to make your contact details available for other delegates please let us know and we will create a 2018 detail database.

Probably the easiest way to stay in touch would be through our Facebook and Twitter Pages. Feel free to join us here, upload your photos from the conference and post your thoughts. The instant messenger services on Facebook and Whatsapp are great ways to communicate as well.

Thank you’s

There are so many people to thank but chief amongst those are our Fijian Organising Committee without whom this event would not have been possible.

We would especially like to thank the core members of this team


Without an EM society for support these individuals pressed forward in their own time to make this conference a success. Without you we would not have had an event and we are forever grateful for your enormous efforts and support.

The assistance of the Pacific Community (SPC) was absolutely critical to this conference being a regional Pacific conference. Without the financial support provided both to DEM and regional delegates we would not have been able to fund the attendance of nearly as many regional attendees. Right from the outset Berlin Kafoa and Mabel Taoi from SPC were enthusiastically supportive of the concept and we remain humbled as an organisation to have had their support. Thank you Berlin and Mabel.

We also must thank Georgina Phillips and Anne Creaton who guided our efforts from the beginning. These two inspiring physicians were able to connect us to the right people in the region and then to bring these people together to push forward movement towards a regional EM society and interconnected EMS development in the Pacific. Thank you both.

To our incredible unpaid faculty who have joined us from around the globe, you really are the core of this conference. Your generosity is unbelievable.

You have as a group made DevelopingEM what it is and we hope to continue building on an amazing group of clinicians as the years progress. In particular we must thank our Program and Workshop leads for herding the cats and getting everyone in the same place at the same time.


Thank you and we hope to work again with you very soon.

To our support staff for keeping everyone happy


Thank you for your hard work over the last year and especially during the conference.

Last but not least, to our wonderful delegates from Fiji and Pacific. What an outstanding group of smart, sensitive, positive physicians you are with the added advantage of all being comic geniuses. The Pacific is in good hands.

Thankyou DevelopingEMers. Without you we would literally not have a conference.

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