DevelopingEM partners with the Pacific Community (SPC)

The SPC is the principal scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region, proudly supporting development throughout the region since its establishment under the Canberra Agreement in 1947.

It is an international development organisation owned and governed by the 26 country and territory members stretching from Papua New Guinea, in the West, to the Pitcairn Islands, in East, and Hawaii, in the North, to New Zealand, in the South.

The mission of the SPC is to work for the well being of Pacific people through the effective and innovative application of science and knowledge, guided by a deep understanding of Pacific Island contexts and cultures.

A central goal of SPC is to ensure that Pacific people reach their potential and live long and healthy lives.

The importance of public health surveillance and response, and the crucial role of emergency medicine as a part of this response has been recognised by SPC.

A few months ago DevelopingEM was introduced to Dr Berlin Kafoa of the SPC by our regional partners.

Berlin is the Team Leader of the Regional Clinical Services Program (SSCSIP) based at the Pacific Community.

Apart from other regional clinical activities the program supports the participation of Pacific Clinicians, including nurses, in regional clinical forums not only for capacity building opportunities but also to discuss regional clinical issues and solutions.

We at DevelopingEM were enormously honoured by Berlin’s subsequent suggestion to combine our efforts and support the attendance at DevelopingEM 2018 Fiji of as many regional Pacific clinicians as possible.

The supported attendance of local and regional clinicians really is the heart and soul of DevelopingEM and we leapt at the chance to expand the reach of the conference by teaming up with Berlin and SPC.

Since our initial discussions we have formulated an initial plan to support the attendance of clinicians from 10 regional nations.

The involvement of the SPC means this years’ conference will have more supported regional delegates than any of our previous events and we are extremely thankful for Berlin’s enthusiastic support.

As well as supporting regional attendance Berlin is going to coordinate a regional EM development forum during the December conference. More on this soon!

So all in all this partnership is a very exciting development for DevelopingEM and we already know that our relationship with Berlin and SPC will make this years’ event very special indeed.

Join us for what will be the most unique conference of 2018.

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