Unique Communication and De-escalation Workshop at DevelopingEM 2014

This year two of our previous DevelopingEM delegates Joachim Unger and Steffan Eriksson, are hosting an interesting workshop for you during our upcoming conference in Salvador, Brazil.

Jo and Stef are from opposite sides of the globe and from different medical backgrounds but together they have put together a great program for their Communication and De-escalation Workshop on the Thursday afternoon of our week in Salvador.

Jo is an anesthetist from Berlin with an interest in prehospital and emergency care, airway management, education and leadership in critical care. He was an enthusiastic delegate in Havana and we’re really excited to have him on our faculty. His presentations will cover topics that will interest all of you, and include strategies for improving communication between clinicians and methods to allow de-escalation of the agitated patient.

Teaming up with Jo is Steffan who is a GP from Australia. He has an interest in emergency care and also personal self defence. Steffan has been an instructor in Close Personal Protection for the Todd Group Australia which is Australasia’s oldest military and civilian unarmed combat and self defence training provider. Recently Steffan has been bringing his expertise to the instruction of health care providers to prevent injury in difficult and personally dangerous work environments. In a practical accompaniment to Jo’s lectures, Steffan will be demonstrating some simple techniques of self protection and tailoring these techniques to the hospital environment.

All in all I think this workshop will be a standout component of DevelopingEM 2014. Make sure you get in early to secure one of the 14 places in Steffan’s practical component of the workshop. The rest of you can watch from behind the ropes.

There will be more news on the program soon so stay tuned.


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