First Nations Healthcare

The challenges and opportunities of the delivery of healthcare for First Nations peoples will be the subject of our thematic sessions at #DevEM2022.

DevelopingEM 2022

Join us in Darwin for DevelopingEM 2022 


Focussing on First Nations Healthcare

DevelopingEM’s program has been established as 50% clinically focussed practical education and 50% thematic, where presenters relay their experiences in developing healthcare for their local communities.

We’re pleased to be returning to Australia in 2022, and the challenges and opportunities of First Nations healthcare in our home country appeared to be the natural intersection for DevelopingEM in the Australasian context.

The inclusion of First Nations healthcare in our 2022 conference is made possible by the support of the Indigenous Health Committee of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) and local community leaders, and consensus has been reached to include the following key themes:

  • Openings, Beginnings: Where We Are Now?
  • Active Healthcare Projects
  • The Future: Beyond Life & Death

The collaboration between the Indigenous Health Committee and DevelopingEM has attracted First Nations clinicians and academics from around Australia, Aotearoa and the Western Hemisphere to present on their chosen topics.
Each track is managed by a First Nations Cultural team supported by a logistics team.
An enthusiastic First Nations cultural team from Yuin Country – Sharon Bloxsome, Paul McLeod and Ryan Dashwood will be managing track three (find out more about them below).
As we hear from individuals like Sharon, Paul and Ryan, relaying their experience and passions, we know that the thematic half of the conference will be illuminating and thought-provoking – just like our previous sessions in Cuba, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Colombia.

Join us in Darwin to hear from First Nations healthcare experts, on topics that are important to their communities across Australia and the world.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mark and Sanj
DevelopingEM Co-Directors

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