The Alfred Procedures Course comes to Darwin.

September 26 and 27, 2022

The Procedures Course is designed to enable emergency and critical care physicians develop the mastery necessary to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures when the time comes.

Procedural teaching will be conducted by a group of renowned experts in trauma management from the Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, Australasia’s largest trauma service. Teaching will be enhanced by the use of un-embalmed cadavers and low cadaver-to-patient ratio.

The procedures covered include:
– Surgical airway (cricothyroidotomy)
– Orbital decompression (lateral canthotomy and cantholysis)
– Pleural decompression (finger thoracostomy and pleural drainage)Vascular access (MAC line / RIC line / Intraosseous access)
– Temporary trans-venous cardiac pacing
– Pericardial decompression (including resuscitative thoracotomy)
– Retrieval limb amputation
– Escharotomy
– Resuscitative hysterotomy

– Retrievalists
– Emergency/Intensive Care/Anaesthetic Consultants
– Rural GPs/CMOs involved in retrievals/trauma resuscitation
– Senior Critical Care Registrars (Emergency/Intensive Care/Anaesthetic/Retrieval)

AUD $5500 (excluding GST)
Registration fees include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Come for the Procedures Course and stay for DevelopingEM 2022

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