Adult EM and Critical Care

Brian Wright and the Stonybrook team return to DevelopingEM to kick off the plenary sessions for #DevEM2022. This year they are partnered with an amazing team from Royal Darwin led by Aruna Shivam.

Brian is an emergency and critical care physician from Long Island, NY and Aruna is an emergency and retrieval physician from Darwin and together they have brought together an amazing diverse group of critical care clinicians for session one of DevelopingEM 2022.

Chidi Nwakanma from U Penn will be reviewing one of our fave topics- how to bridge the gap in critical care in the transition from ED to ICU.
David Wallace from Pittsburgh will be describing his two and a half years as a COVID Intensivist.
Lindsay Reardon from Vermont will be bringing her unique POCUS skills back to the tropics.
Bo Remenyi joins us from Darwin as a Paediatric Cardiologist to discuss Congenital Heart Disease and Cardiogenic Shock in the Tropics.
Ben Wyler from Manhattan will be teaching us how to prepare for the next pandemic.
Michelle Taylor from Darwin will be describing how to be the best leader possible within the pressured environment of the ICU.
Florian Pracher from Darwin will be drawing on his local experiences to describe how to Survive Sepsis in the Tropical PreHospital Environment

And James Hooper from Darwin gives an anaesthetic perspective on advanced emergency airway management.

This will be a truly amazing start to DevelopingEM 2022.

Join Aruna, Brian and us in Darwin this September for the best critical care education this year!!

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