12 months of COVID 19 with Ben Wyler

Almost exactly 12 months ago we started our COVID19 VLOG series by chatting with Ben Wyler.

Ben is an emergency physician with an interest in travel medicine based in Manhattan.

Ben had subbed in at the last minute to our DevEM2020 program in Colombia with a presentation on COVID19.

During the presentation the WHO formally declared a Global Pandemic and the whole world changed.

Ben returned to New York as the first wave was breaking and in May last year we caught up with him to see how things were in the Big Apple.

Today we get an update from Ben from a very different perspective, one where nearly 50% of New Yorkers have been vaccinated against COVID19.

The success of the vaccination rollout in the USA may give us an idea of the what the future looks like.

Its great to catch up with Ben again who is after a year just beginning to see some “normality” return to his life.

Check out the interview here.

During the interview we discussed some of the novel treatments for COVID19 infection.

The Australian National Covid 19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce has an expert synthesis of the evidence base for the current range of treatments for this illness.

We also discussed approaches to post vaccination symptoms particularly related to headache and CVST. There has been an excellent discussion of this phenomenon by the St Emlyn’s Blog and they include some guidelines from RCEM as part of the discussion.

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