Post Conference Surveys and Our Future

DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia was an amazing conference but held in truly historic times.

The Pandemic was declared on the last day of the plenary sessions and our lives have changed forever.

In this very different world we have wondered about the future of DevelopingEM and since the conclusion of the conference we have conducted two delegate surveys related to the Pandemic to help us determine if we should proceed with our events.

Our first survey was a health related questionnaire in which our delegates were asked about Covid 19 symptoms and test results in the first 14 days after the conference.

In total we had 127 responses.

26 respondents described at least one potential COVID 19 symptom and 1 respondent tested positive in this 2 week period.

So the event was a low but not zero risk gathering.

We were extremely lucky and don’t seem to have created harm in the larger scheme of things.

Our second survey focussed on whether the current pandemic dynamic should change our approach as a conference organising agency.

The results were very encouraging for Lee, Sanj and myself.

97% of respondents said we have to continue with DevelopingEM and indeed 90% agreed with the decision to proceed with the 2020 event.

There were some amazing comments generated from the survey that have buoyed our spirits at this difficult time.

” DevelopingEM is an amazing and unique gathering of EM folks with similar interests and a strong desire to give back something greater than themselves.” 

” We must survive “

” DevelopingEM is a wonderfully compelling conference. Supporting international learning and bringing together the best and the brightest — its what we need to do, now more than ever. “

” Because this too shall pass and needs will continue. “

Our DevelopingEM family is truly amazing!

You have confirmed our thought that we should continue with DevelopingEM as a face to face international event. 

Many meetings could probably continue virtually but it is people meeting people face to face that is at the core of DevelopingEM.

So we have already started preparing for 2022 and our African partners are keen to collaborate- we will have more to tell you soon!!


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