Another Amazing Paediatric EM Track

April has done it again- amassed a Paediatric faculty of such amazing quality that you are going to kick yourself if you miss this track.

As previously mantioned April Kam is Canadian and by default the loveliest track lead of all time- sorry Nat, Brian, Peter, Gerard, Rolly and Eliecer you’re all awesome but you’re just not Canadian enough.

Not only is she Canadian but she’s also an expert clinician and educator and has organised our Paediatric track for the last three DevelopingEM conferences

We’re all looking forward to another fantastic paediatric track. Thank you April (and team)!

April brings together an amazing team from multiple specialties and countries covering critical care topics across the whole spectrum of emergent management of paediatric patients.




Included in the track are

  • Suzanne Beno the co-director of paeds trauma at Sick Kids in Toronto

  • Nate Kupperman from UC Davis

  • Marianne Gausche Hill from LA
  • Viviana Pavlicich from Paraguay
  • Ricardo Munoz andCamilo Gutierrez from Kids National in DC






and the two fastest speaking Paediatric Emergency Physician presenter  on the planet

  • Tanya Solano from Sick Kids Toronto and Donovan Dwyer from Sydney Children’





April’s track is just un-missable and yet another reason to register now for DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia!!


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