ACEM Conference to follow DEM

This year we are honoured to be partnering with the IFEM recognised Asociacion Colombiana de Especialista Emergencia y Urgencias (ACEM).

ACEM will be conducting their annual Scientific Congress sequentially with #DevEM2020 on March 13-14 with preconference workshops on March 12.


Check out their conference website here.

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

DevelopingEM will be sponsoring the attendance of 40 Colombian clinicians per day to #DevEM2020 as well as attendances at the five workshops and one forum currently planned.

We are also assisting the attendance of clinicians from around the region.

Colombian speakers will be part of the DEM faculty in our EM in Colombia Track and we hope to provide the same support for the ACEM Congress.

So after #DevEM2020 stick around for another amazing regional congress with our Colombian colleagues from ACEM.

Come for DEM and stay for ACEM!!

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