Medutopia Workshop for DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia

This year Rob Rogers and the Medutopia team join DevelopingEM for a cutting edge medical education workshop.

Medutopia produces and develops solutions to strengthen the skills of medical educators around the world.

As a creative think tank, they have built a team with the experience and expertise to nurture highly effective learning choreographers.

They have a suite of educational platforms and bring their 2 day course to Cartagena.

This interactive, innovative, and highly useful course is aimed at medical educators who want to “reach their utopia” in medical education and their full potential as effective choreographers of learning.

Topics Include

This is a new partnership for DevelopingEM but an established course and workshop for Medutopia who have undertaken courses around the US and the Globe.

Rob Rogers (the Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)) of Medutopia approached us with the concept of bringing these courses to Cartagena for #DevEM2020 and we jumped at the chance to partner with him and his team.

Trained in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, Rob Rogers currently practices Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

An innovative medical educator on the cutting edge of creativity, he shares his knowledge on the monthly medical education Medutopia Podcast.

Rob co-founded The Teaching Institute and in 2014 created The Teaching Course at The University of Maryland.

As a passionate medical education enthusiast, podcast evangelist, learning choreographer, and entrepreneur, Rob works tirelessly to change the world of medical education by reinventing it.

It is a great honour to have Rob and his team join us for #DevEM2020.

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