Photographer Rory O’Bryen helps out DevelopingEM

The internet is an amazing place.

So many generous people out there.

This year we connected with an amazing photographer with an interest in Colombia.

His name is Rory O’Bryen and his photos are amazing.

We connected on Flickr and amazingly he allowed us to use some photos for our upcoming conference in Colombia.

Thanks Rory.

Check out his website here.

Here are some of his incredible photos.

Over the years the generosity of photographers has been an astounding part of the DevelopingEM Journey.

Tiago Lima helped us in 2014. Check his work here.

Jorge Royan helped us in 2013 and 2015. Check his work here.

In 2016 one of our own faculty Nick Taylor provided us with some incredible photos from his time working in Sri Lanka. You can see some of his amazing work here.

All of us at DevelopingEM are incredibly grateful to Rory, Tiago, Jorge and Nick for their help in making our website and design material look amazing.

Thanks guys!

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