Revisiting the Colombo Declaration

Why the World Needs the Colombo Declaration

On day one of our recent Fijian conference, the following powerful video was presented to our DevelopingEM audience.

YouTube Link

It poignantly describes why as an organisation we are passionate about this issue.

Why health care workers, from physicians to nurses, pharmacists to pathologists, from cleaners to security staff, and also patients and their families should never be a target of violence.

Building a base of support for the Colombo Declaration is now part of our mission.

Once we can demonstrate that individuals as well as important medical bodies such as ACEM, CENA, ANZICS, ACEP and RCEM support the Declaration then we can approach politicians at all levels with numbers they understand and respect.

Already many individuals have approached local, state and federal health, defence and foreign affairs authorities and politicians so there is a groundswell of support and knowledge that is developing.

EM is a global movement and we are in a unique position to become a meaningful independent global voice for health care workers on this issue.

Read in full: The Colombo Declaration

Get involved:
How you can influence the cause

1. Sign the declaration

2. Ask your colleagues and national professional bodies to publicly sign and promote the declaration.

3. Contact your local and national political representatives and bureaucrats until they are sick of hearing about the Colombo Declaration.

4. Arrange a showing of the video at your grand round or teaching meeting.

5. Share the link to the video and the online version of the Colombo Declaration encouraging people to sign on your personal and professional social media accounts.

YouTube Link

QR code to the online declaration (scan with a QR reader on your smart phone/tablet):

You will ultimately be recognising and supporting health care colleagues and patients around the globe who are at the epicentre of this problem putting their lives at risk every day.

In many cases this situation is occurring in previously stable and advanced countries with previously outstanding health care facilities.

This dynamic demonstrates that this problem could, in the right circumstances, visit every one of us, even in our seemingly strife free communities.

Help us help you have a voice.

Sign the Colombo Declaration today!!

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