Check out the presentations from Fiji to get a taste of what to expect at #DevEM2020 Colombia

Many of our delegates return again and again to our conferences.

Jo Unger from Berlin has proof- he collects the wrist bands and has been to all five of our international events.

Many of these return delegates commented that the presentations in Fiji were the best ever.

We cant have favourite conferences of course but we have to agree the presentations in Fiji were pretty amazing.

It was certainly the most naturally comedic group of presenters we’ve ever had.

Our Fijian and Pacific faculty showed everyone how it was done- smart, subtle, informative and funny.

Its hard to pick the highlights so why don’t you just check out all the presentations here.

As you can see there is also a link to Kass Thomas’ moving Colombo Declaration related video. Its a reminder to sign the Declaration. Simply scan the following QR code for the link.

#DevEM2020 in Colombia will bring the same core topics

  • Adult EM and Critical Care
  • Trauma
  • Paediatric EM and Critical Care

as well as

  • EM in Colombia
  • EM in the Region

so once again there will be fantastic presentations across the whole spectrum of topics relevant to the senior clinician.

The ACEM Scientific Congress that follows DevelopingEM is highly regarded in the region and many of of our faculty will be contributing to the event.

If Fiji, Sri Lanka, Cuba and Brazil are any guide #DevEM2020 will be another amazing collaborative event.

You can check out all of our previous presentations here and we hope to see you in Cartagena, Colombia in March 2020.

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