A fantastic Paediatric Track for #DevEM2018 Fiji

Our good friend April Kam from Canada brings together an amazing group of experts for a top-notch Paediatric track.

April returns for her third DevelopingEM and she has organised a group of old and new faces.

Mary Langcake, Tanya Solano, Donovan Dwyer, and Suzanne Beno return to the team having helped DevelopingEM hugely in the past and we are so grateful for their ongoing support.

Tania Principi and Ben Shepherd join us from the first time. Tania is one of April’s colleagues from Toronto and Ben is a local from our own base hospital in Wollongong- yes it’s a real place.

Together this team cover the entire range of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Critical Care- its going to be an awesome way to kick off the conference.

Get a taste of what’s in store by checking April’s last program from DEM Sri Lanka in 2016.

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