Palliative Care in the ED with Jon Kerr

Jon returns to DevelopingEM as part of Brian Wright’s Adult EM and Critical Care Team.

This is Jon’s fourth DevelopingEM and we remain enormously grateful for his expertise and support over the last 5 years.

Palliative Care may seem out of place in a critical care track but it remains an important part of the process of initial and ongoing care for many of our increasingly complicated patients.

Its an area that Jon is particularly passionate about and we look forward to another interesting and enlightening discussion.

Check his presentation from 2016 here

When Jon isnt presenting he will no doubt be 20 metres under the ocean surface checking out Fiji’s coral and fish life.

If you want to join him or need ideas about the scuba options in Fiji just let us know.

One option we can highly recommend is Manta Ray Island

Even though it is the wrong season to see the Mantas it remains a spectacular place to snorkel and scuba and the seaplane ride there is pretty cool as well

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