Consolidation of Opportunities for Ongoing Educational Assistance in Sri Lanka

With the enlivened interest in EM and critical care as a result of the conference there is a growing group of trainees who are hungry for your assistance with their ongoing education.


DevelopingEM’ers Nilantha Lenora, Nick Taylor, and James Salway are involved in an EM educational capacity building project in Sri Lanka to complement what’s being offered locally and would like to appeal for you to stay involved and offer whatever time and skills you can devote within the EM/Critical Care/Tox/Paeds/PreHospital realms via some of the following opportunities:

  • Virtual Grand Rounds
    • Deliver a 30-60 minute lecture for Sri Lanka EM registrars online via Skype/Google Hangout
    • Flexible scheduling, conference sessions tend to fall on Fridays
  • Virtual Mentoring
    • Serve as a mentor/advisor/role model to a group of 2-3 Sri Lankan EM registrars
    • Time commitment:  1 x 60 minute group online mentoring session every 1-2 months over Skype/Google Hangout
  • Virtual Journal Club
    • Offer faculty-level review for online journal club forum hosted by Sri Lanka EM registrars

If any consultants from around the world are interested in making a lasting impact on the education of a future EM physician in Sri Lanka via the above opportunities or others, please contact Dr Nilantha Lenora ( ) for  more information.



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