Connecting in Colombo

One of the best things about DevelopingEM over the years has been the relationships that have been forged between like minded individuals from around the globe.

These interactions have fostered medical collaborations that are ongoing to this day.

Often it has been over a coffee in a break between sessions, between mouthfuls of meat in a Brazilian churrascaria, or between sips of a 20 year old rum in a bar Hemingway frequented in Havana, that these ongoing relationships have developed.

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet some amazing people at the conference itself, but the two formal social functions will be a great opportunity to continue to discuss ways to develop emergency medicine around the globe.

This year we also have two of our long time supporters, Joachim Unger and Bish Rajapakse, aiming to coordinate ad hoc social get togethers on the nights during the conference where we dont have a formal function.

Jo has attended every International DevelopingEM conference we’ve had and helped us as faculty in 2014.


He’ll be setting up a whatsapp group to keep us all connected at the conference.

Bish has helped promote DevelopingEM from the start and this year is coming on as faculty to talk about one of his areas of interest- Organophosphate Toxicity- during the Toxicology Track.


Not only is Bish a walking Time Out guide when it comes to What’s On in Colombo but if you ask nicely he’ll show you some certified Kandyan dance moves.

Jo and Bish will be ably assisted by one of our local organising committee members Therika Cooray who knows where all the action in Colombo is at.

As well as Jo’s whatsapp group dont forget our Twitter handle is #DevEM2016 which will be another great way to communicate in Colombo.

DEM2016 is shaping up to be another amazing event and with this team on the case you wont be short of options for get togethers with the other incredible delegates and faculty.

See you soon in Sri Lanka!!



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