Introducing Bob, Ravindra, Michael and the Toxicology Program

The burden of disease from poisoning in Sri Lanka, and throughout South Asia, is staggering—the number of severe poisonings and fatalities many times greater than in other parts of the world.

Given the importance of Toxicology as a specialty in Sri Lanka there was great interest in having a session dedicated to the topic.

Bob Schwaner from the US and Ravindra Fernando from Sri Lanka are co-chairing the session and bring a wealth of experience in the field of Toxicology.

Bob, is a colleague of Peter Viccellio at Stony Brook, and is board certified in both EM and Toxicology.

He has authored multiple book chapters, research and review papers, and monographs related to Toxicology.

Bob’s special interests in toxicology pertain to pain management and envenomation.


Ravindra is a Sri Lankan forensic pathologist, toxicologist, physician, author and academic.

He was instrumental in setting up the National Poisons Information Centre and is the current chairman of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board of Sri Lanka.


We are honoured to have their involvement in what will be a fantastic session, covering areas as diverse as organophosphate poisoning and snakebite and including audience interaction and discussion.

Complementing this session will be complimented by the Toxic Issues in the ED Pre ConferenceWorkshop hosted by Michael Downes an EP and Toxicologist from Newcastle in Australia.


This workshop, exclusively for our Sri Lankan colleagues, will explore key issues in Toxicology relevant to emergency medicine practice and will look at theory and evidence surrounding common pharmacological ingestions as well as snakebite and agrochemical related toxicity.

Join us in Colombo for DevelopingEM 2016 to get your Tox Fix in a country that remains a centre of Toxicological research and advancement.

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