Donated Ultrasound Machine in use in Haiti

In the last few days we received some thrilling photos of the ultrasound machine, donated by DevelopingEM to the Mirabelais University Hospital in Haiti, in active point of care use.

IMG_4440 IMG_4442

Hi Lee,

Even though it is very late, I wanted to let you know how much the residents and staff in Haiti have valued the ultrasound. They have found it extremely useful and use it on a regular basis.


Shada A. Rouhani, MD MPH
Co-Director, Department of Emergency Medicine
Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais
Zanmi Lasante | Partners In Health


DevelopingEM, on behalf of Shada and the team at Mirabelais would just once again like to thank all the specific donors towards this purchase for their generosity.

Thank you one and all!!!


Robyn Brady (and team)

Dianne Trombetta

Aamir Shakeel

Mary Langcake

Mark Newcombe and Jodie Souz

Mike and Paula Newcombe

Alvaro Manovel

Colin Banks

Amador Ibanez-Almarche

Kay Buchheit

Shenequa McLeod

Mark Dato

Marianne Gausche-Hill

Nicholas Stanley-Cary

Michael Novy

Craig Wilson

Margaret Swinton

Sue and Len Westwood

Mandy Masters

Rosey Williamson

Kath Jenner

Nate Stephens

Naomi Rosenberg

Rosemarie Hiscott

And one anonymous donor


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