Global EM Discussion Group with Nilantha Lenora

After the success of our discussion sessions last year in Havana we’ve devoted an entire afternoon to open discussion of some of the most pressing issues facing the development of EM and Critical Care in South Asia and the region.

The session on Tuesday 6th December 2016 will be hosted by Nilantha Lenora an EP practicing outside of DC in the USA.


Nilantha has played an integral role in developing emergency medicine in Sri Lanka from its very beginning by leading an international effort under the Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine to complement the existing training of EM registrars in Sri Lanka.

His efforts include developing a virtual grand rounds curriculum, a virtual journal club, and creating a unique mentoring program to match up Sri Lanka EM registrars with EM consultant mentors from all over the world.

Nilantha has collected an amazing panel of experts to provoke discussion on some of the major issues facing EM and Critical Care development in Sri Lanka including

  • EM Education
  • Disaster Preparedness


  • PreHospital Care

Following on from a morning of presentations on Global EM and Critical Care this session is sure to be a thought provoking portion of DevelopingEM 2016.

Join Nilantha and us for an unmissable afternoon.


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