Introducing Peter, Ranjana and the Trauma Program

The team from The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne headed by Professor Peter Cameron, approached DevelopingEM very early on, with an offer to coordinate our trauma day.

After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami the Victorian Government assisted in the rebuilding and redesign of the Teaching Hospital Karapitiya in Galle.

The responsibility for capacity development within the centre was taken on by The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre clinicians and so they have an ongoing connection with Sri Lanka.

Peter and Ranjana Seneviratne, a trauma surgeon from Sri Lanka, have organized a truly world class group of trauma presenters for this session which is unmissable.

Presenters include both Ranjana and Peter, as well as Gerard O’Reilly, Joseph Matthew, Mark Fitzgerald and Benjamin Nicholson.

We move to the incredible Samudra Ballroom on the top floor of the Taj Samudra Hotel, directly opposite the Galle Face Hotel, for this highly anticipated session.


Peter Cameron PICPeter supported an embryonic DevelopingEM conference back in 2012 and it is fantastic to welcome him back with such an amazing team.

Peter Cameron 2012 Presentation



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