Happy New Year DevelopingEMers

Happy New Year DevelopingEMers


We hope you all had a lovely festive season.


In the spirit of the season we just wanted to let you know about the results of our ultrasound appeal.


Well you our donors raised enough money to provide a brand new ultrasound to the Mirabelais University Hospital in Haiti.


This Ultrasound after travelling around the world a few times finally made it to Haiti and is now in use as a clinical diagnostic tool and as a training device.


We would just like to acknowledge the donors who made this possible.


Robyn Brady (and team)

Dianne Trombetta

Aaamir Shakeel

Mary Langcake

Jodie Souz

Mike and Paula Newcombe

Alvaro Manovel

Colin Banks

Amador Ibanez-Almarche

Kay Buchheit

Shenequa McLeod

Mark Dato

Marianne Gausche-Hill

Nicholas Stanley-Cary

Michael Novy

Craig Wilson

Margaret Swinton

Sue and Len Westwood

Mandy Masters

Rosey Williamson

Kath Jenner

Nate Stephens

Naomi Rosenberg

Rosemarie Hiscott

And one anonymous donor


Thank you for your amazing contributions.


The team at Mirabelais is so thankful for your help and is aiming to communicate with you directly to show you how the device is being utilised.


This year our Sri Lankan hosts have asked us to put all our resources into educational experiences and material and we are looking at supporting some workshops allied to the conference.


Once our registration portal is configured (our aim is late January) there will be sponsorship options available if you would like to support us in this endeavor.


The generosity of you DevelopingEMers continues to amaze us.


Whether it’s with time, donations or simply by registering you have stood by our efforts and believed in DevelopingEM.


This ultrasound donation is yet another example of what a great bunch of people DevelopingEM has become.


Enjoy the rest of the silly season and stay tuned for the release of our registration portal.




Lee, Mark and Sanj.ultrasound 1 Ultrasound 2

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