The Challenges of Point of Care UltraSound (POCUS)

One of the core elements of DevelopingEM from the start has been ultrasound.

This is because ultrasound is now one of the core elements of modern clinical emergency medicine.

It is applicable to nearly every presentation in some fashion.

Point of care ultrasound enhances diagnostic and management strategies, as well as saving time, money and radiation.

At all of our previous conferences DevelopingEM has used workshops and presentations as teaching opportunities to expand our delegates’ skill base with this most important of skills.

This year apart from Matt and Mike’s workshop there will be a panel discussion on the Challenges of POCUS in Paediatric EM and Sahar Ahmad will be discussing POCUS in the Management of Undifferentiated Dyspnoea and Respiratory Failure.

So there will continue to be a big FOCUS on POCUS.

One of the best presentations from last year was by Charisse Kwan and Marcela Preto Zamperlini discussed aspects of Life Saving POCUS in the Paediatric ED.

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Check out their presentation here.

Click here to listen to the Audio

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