CaribEDel Sponsorship Options- How You Can Help.

Supporting regional delegates is a concept central to the ethos of DevelopingEM. It’s an idea that we applied to both our conference in Havana and in Salvador. In total we have fully sponsored the attendance of over 100 regional delegates in the last two years. This sponsorship has included support for attendance at the plenary sessions, optional workshops and social functions.

How it works: DevelopingEM has as its sole revenue source the contributions of its delegates. We use both your registration fees and your donations to fund the attendance of regional colleagues. This generally takes the form of complimentary registration for the conference but also has been applied to cover transport and accommodation expenses for those delegates travelling from particularly remote locations. During the registration process, delegates have the opportunity to contribute directly to assisting delegate sponsorship. With strict management of our finances, each 2 full paying delegates allows us to fully assist and support a regional delegate to attend.
Why? DevelopingEM’s conferences act as crucial mechanisms for the two-way exchange of information on topics of interest between critical care practitioners from around the globe. Without our sponsorship program many regional delegates would miss out on the experience of the conference as well as the opportunity to interact with and learn from colleagues from a range of critical care systems. It remains one of DevelopingEM’s priorities to promote these types of global interactions and we hope our sponsorship process is one way to expand this collaboration.

How to CaribEDel and make a contribution:
DevelopingEM accepts donations year-round for upcoming conferences. Here are two easy ways to contribute:
1. Register yourself for any upcoming DevelopingEM event. The simple act of your registration is crucial to the attendance of your regional colleagues.
2. Whilst you are registering you can elect to directly contribute to a number of donation options which include delegate sponsorship. Every extra dollar we receive means we can invite more local delegates. We look forward to seeing you in Cuba later in 2015.

One of our inspirations for the program was the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) which has used its SupAdel program to sponsor the attendance of regional delegates to their annual events for the last five years. You can read more about their amazing system here

Check out what happened in 2013 to see how your support allows global interactions and collaboration in critical care medicine that continue far beyond the time period of the conference.

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