DevelopingEM welcomes Scott Weingart to the team

Yes you heard correctly Weingart is joining you in Havana this year for DEM2015.

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Scott will be speaking with us about Peri-Intubation management and we’re very excited about having him amongst our amazing faculty.

If you haven’t seen or heard Scott before (you must have no internet access) he will be part of the upcoming incredible SMACC Chicago conference this June 23-26.

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We’re really grateful to the team at SMACC/ICN for all their support over the years and wish them all the best for another successful conference in Chicago.

As a little taste of what you can expect from SMACC and Scott check out his presentation at last years’ SMACC Gold on the Surgical Airway.

You can of course visit Scott’s podcast website EMCrit
to hear a wide and ever expanding range of presentations on everything from ECMO to boutique microbrewed beers. Check it out!

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