DEM 2016 planned for South East Asia.

In a little over 3 months DEM heads back to Havana and we’re very excited with the program we’ve created and with the amazing faculty that are helping us this year.

We’re also looking forward to 2016 with plans to head to South East Asia and we need your help.

Since we first started it has been an aim of DEM to have a conference in Cambodia.

I think it was a country that entered my consciousness just as I was awakening to the fact that the world was bigger than my home town. The events of the late 70s were the first international crisis that I can remember as a child and somehow Cambodia has kept reappearing in my life.

Jodie and I have travelled there a few times and have been astounded by the beauty of the country, marveled at incredible Angkor and been overwhelmed by the wonderful Cambodian people. We even went there for our honeymoon.

We have a few contacts in critical care circles within Cambodia but we need more if we are going to have a successful event.

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So if you DevelopingEMers know people who know Cambodia please let us know.

Of course there are other potential countries in the region where the DevelopingEM process could be of benefit so if you have any ideas please let us know.

One such place is Burma / Myanmar and you can hear and see John MacKenzie presenting on his experiences there.
Click here to view Johns presentation
Listen his audio

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