John MacKenzie rejoins us for DevelopingEM 2015

John MacKenzie rejoins us for DevelopingEM 2015
John has been an integral part of DevelopingEM from the beginning. Not only has he presented at all of our conferences but he’s also been central to the creation of the DevelopingEM FOAMed system.

In 2013 DevelopingEM donated five computer workstations, preloaded with emergency medicine and critical care educational material, to health centres in Cuba and St Lucia. John collated and produced the uploaded material for these workstations.

Similar resources were donated to Brazilian health centres in 2014 and once again John helped us create these devices.

John has also helped us record and produce material related to DevelopingEM presentations that has subsequently been used for our virtual registration packages and on this blog.

This year John will be returning to assist us once again to present on Life Saving Procedures during our trauma program

.John Mackeznie

To get a taste of John’s unique style check his presentation from Salvador on Procedural EM
Click here to view his Presentation
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