The Paeds Basic Course

The Paeds Basic Course continues to expand its impact in the Caribbean

At DevelopingEM 2013 Elena Cavazzoni, a paediatric intensivist from Sydney, and one of our wonderful faculty, had a casual conversation with Lisa Charles from St Lucia about whether the Paeds BASIC course might be a useful training system for the region.

Within 12 months the course had been taken to St Lucia, Trinidad and Barbados and there are plans to return to the region very soon.

Over 100 doctors and nurses have attended the course which is provided by Elena and an incredible team of intensivists from around Australia.

It is amazing and humbling to think that because of DevelopingEM connections between two geographically remote regions have been forged and quality education delivered. Truly incredible.

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Paeds Basic Group in Barbados                                                    Paeds Basic Group in Trinidad

Paeds Basic is a great course and you can find out more about it here

Click to access Paediatric-Basic-Information.pdf

You can also see and hear Elena’s presentation on Paediatric ED:ICU Continuing to Bridge the Gap here.

Click here to view Elena’s presentation

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